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Oh, hey – we are the SoBros.We have been ranked as Nashville’s greatest source of laughs, American football, movies, history, tech, and every other engaging topic in history of all time of ever by Encyclopedia Britannica. The Associated Press labeled us as Nashville’s brightest young minds, and Tom Arnold once said we were funny.

First and foremost, this is a comedy brand. If you’re reading this page because we’ve offended you, I do not apologize. It is 1,000,000% your fault for taking us seriously. If you’re reading this page because you want to get to know the handsome devils who are pouring out that #CONTENT for you guys, well, come on in. We’re always happy to make a new friend (and seriously – we’re always looking for contributors).

We’ve all been described as vulgar, inappropriate, degenerates, hilarious, beautiful, charismatic, heathens, classless, classy, nice, smoldering, voluptuous, drunks, scumbags, saints, and best of all, girthy.

We’re honestly hoping to make the world a better place through our own brand of humor. Maybe that’s sad? No one knows. Read at your own risk.

“Big Natural” Stoney Keeley (@StoneyKeeley)

Stoney Keeley founded the SoBros Network in 2013 after years of toiling aimlessly through life. That’s it – seriously, there’s no greater inspiration for this site.

He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University (Harvard of the South, heeyyyyy) class of 2008. With a degree in Psychology, Big Natural knows how to put your mind in a pretzel. It’s kind of magic. More so, he knows about football, wrestling, politics, and considers himself an expert in having a good time…..

If he was a comedian, all of Big Natural’s jokes would somehow come back to butt-chugging. Coincidentally, this is also why Big Natural is not a stand-up comic.

Stoney covers the Tennessee Titans for Pro Football Spot, the WWE for, Alabama football for Bama Hammer, and has been featured twice on Outkick The Coverage. He has been known to enjoy the smell of seasonal candles…citing “a real man does what he wants regardless of what people think.”

Brandon Vick (@SirBrandonV)

Brandon Vick is the SoBros resident movie critic. A student of film for nearly 20 years, Brandon graduated from MTSU with a degree in Electronic Media Production. Having minored in Film Studies, his appreciation for the art of film extends to the origin of the craft. He also began watching movies at age four, when he escaped the zoo where he was held captive throughout the early years of his life.

He’s well-practiced.

If Mr. Vick had put all the money he’s spent on movie tickets into a 401k, he’d likely be on a beach sipping margaritas instead of runnin’ round with this bunch. You name a movie: he can give you a review of it. But, hell, we’re happy to have him.

Known for his outlandish sense of humor, Brandon is the type of guy you have to warn your friends about before they meet him. Brandon and Stoney met in the first grade, when they were the only two kids in class left crying when their parents left.

Oh, you think that’s funny? Well, why don’t you try finding a lifelong friend that you still keep in touch with? That’s what I thought.


Poppa Bear (@SoBroPoppaBear)

Need someone to survive the zombie apocalypse with? Poppa Bear may be your safest bet. A physical therapist by day, Poppa Bear is a walking, talking Swiss army knife.

He’s been known to fix doors with butter knives, build wrestling rings in backyards, and grow the finest tomatoes this side of the Mississippi! Poppa Bear is the lead SEC contributor to the SoBros Network, and is an expert in the Southern way of life.

Most of the time, Poppa Bear fills the critical role of ‘moral compass’ when the rest of the gang says things that qualify as ‘human abominations.’


Cadbury Pringlebatch (@SoBroCadbury)

Cadbury Pringlebatch is the real wild card of the bunch. He once stumbled onto the set of a Power Hour podcast thinking it was an AA meeting. The SoBros studio could not be further from an AA meeting, but we accepted him regardless. He’s kind of a savant when it comes to investing, tech, music, culture, and really everything.

We’re willing to look past his affinity for YMCA steam rooms in exchange for the great content he provides. Of course, Cadbury knows that the way to win in life (and football) is to move the chains.

If only he’d stop putting googly eyes on everything in the studio.

Rubber Rooster (@SoBroRooster)

Rubber Rooster is, quite simply, a wealth of knowledge. I have no idea how she ended up running around with this ragtag bunch of thought-bandits, but she’s here, and hey – we’re probably all better for it.

The author of our ‘History Lesson’ column, Rubber Rooster is well-versed in any kind of history ever, and she has been and will always be the steady voice of reason on this site and podcast.

I dare anyone on Earth to win an argument with her – the unquestioned secret weapon of the SoBros Network.

Remmy (Exoverse Products)

Remmy is a real game-changer. After founding Exoverse Products, he came to the SoBros Network as a friend, sitting in on podcasts, and eventually filling in on ’em.

He covers the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, travel, and anything he damn well pleases because he’s a sharp guy. You need motivation? Remmy is your positive force.

There’s a yin and a yang to all of these personalities. We just hope you find something to hold onto in here.


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