The Titans Offensive Line Crushed Tallboys at the Preds Game and Nashville Is Fired the Hell Up


The only way this could have possibly fired Nashville up anymore is if Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme song was playing on top of it.

Seriously – Nashville is absolutely ELECTRIC. At the time of this writing, they’re over five minutes into the first period, and the crowd still hasn’t quieted down. But, hot damn – why would they? Not only is this the first Western Conference Finals game in Smashville, but now you’ve got the five biggest badasses to take the field at Nissan Stadium jumping in and CRUSHING BEERS before the game!!! That’s what the kids are calling hot ass fire.

It’s like this unit speaks to us – they know what us Tennesseans are about – fuck what the kids see, this situation…this occasion calls for us to murder some tallboys for all the nation to see! And, I tell you what – it worked brilliantly. I can barely contain the blood in my body, it’s flowing so hard. I’m pretty sure I could lift a house right now. Definitely going to go run through a brick wall as soon as I finish typing this.

Nashville is alive with fire tonight, ladies and gentlemen….and in case you were wondering….

That’s a top three tackle in the NFL….and he has a catfish.

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