Word on the Street: Ronda Rousey to Wrasslin’?!

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That’s right, Ronda Rousey might be heading towards a new career path of professional wrestling.  Fighting, acting, and now this?  What can’t she do?!  Well, she can’t pee while standing up.  Actually, she could…it’d just be really difficult.  Anyways…

Listen, I am by far the least qualified person on this website to discuss wrestling, but I love me a good comeback story…especially when it involves an industry smothered in muscle, sweat, and drama.  This would be an excellent transition from fight-sport to slam-sport, and might even bring a shit-load of fans along for the ride.

Personal opinion, I think this would be an excellent decision if WWE can get a deal put together.  The amount of revenue this could potentially rake in would be icing on the cake for the steady climb they’ve been able to achieve over the past several years.  

I saw this original story from The Washington Post (oddly enough) and it explains more details from the current situation:

According to Fightful.com, which cited WWE sources, the company “referred Rousey … to current superstar Brian Kendrick for training purposes in Southern California.”

Rousey, who has been known as a major fan of pro wrestling, was spotted speaking with WWE executive Triple H at a taping for the Mae Young Classic, the company’s all-female tournament. She was ostensibly on hand to cheer for her friend Shayna Baszler, a former UFC fighter competing in the tournament, but her presence sparked renewed speculation that she herself might be close to joining the action.

Stoney’s Thoughts: I think Cadbury nailed it – Rousey in WWE would mean money, plain and simple. It’s a natural fit, too, though, as Rousey is a superstar. That’s just what the WWE wants. She’s one of the world’s elite athletes, so I see no reason she can’t pick up the craft of wrestling. As long as she does that, she might not just be a mere presence in the ring, but she could command it.

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