What Would Happen If Cadbury Tried to Teach Us How to Ride Motorcycles?

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We all know Cadbury Pringlebatch. He’s that lovable motorcycle expert who also chimes in on really everything. He once stumbled into a SoBros podcast thinking it was AA, and has stuck around ever since. Some of you may not know that he’s actually a bit of a motorcycle riding aficionado himself. The guy can flat out GO.

So, two videos came across the SoBros Instagram feed last week that had me thinking, “what would happen if Cadbury actually tried to teach the SoBros crew how to ride?”

First things first, my big ass would that think down like a donkey on a trampoline. I have no knowledge of motorcycle mechanics whatsoever, but I’d imagine that means I’d have to rev down on the gas pedal to even make the thing go, but I’m not so sure. Anyway, it’d probably look something like this:

Slammin @mx.fails @kyle_ford22

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BOOM! Lights out! This woman is napping before she knows it. The struggle is real, girl, I feel you. Don’t worry – you ain’t alone. If I was on that bike, I’d be out cold. Actually, now that I think about it. I wonder if this woman is really unconscious, or if she’s just too embarrassed to get up. Because I would totally just milk that injury out of embarrassment. Make all of those people laughing at me feel like real assholes.

Then, I saw another video that I swear would be Brandon if Cadbury was showing him how to ride:

Send it @panicrev639 @colinmcmullen

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Yoooooo – maybe we don’t put this kid in the field so soon. Don’t they have any sort of VR training for this? For fuck’s sake, it’s 2017. We’re still raw-doggin’ it with learning to ride motorcycles?

But, yeah – that’s definitely Brandon. He would ask a few questions, we’d laugh, and then he’d just full on send that bike into the clouds.

Anyway, hope all these people in these videos are alright. Rule number one of this blog: don’t make jokes about dead people.

(Editor’s note: the number of times I spelled motorcycle as ‘motorcylce’ is concerning. I’m beginning to think I’m dsylexic)

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