Louisiana Tech Faced a 3rd and 93 After This Wild Fumble

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Mississippi State was only and eight point favorite over Louisiana Tech in Las Vegas for some unknown reason. I think the Bulldogs are a real dark horse in the SEC West this year, and so far, so good on that prediction. We’ll see when the schedule gets tougher, but all real analysis aside, Mississippi State and Louisiana Tech put on one of the all time Benny Hill plays in football history Saturday night:

You just have to see it to believe it.

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Just go ahead and cue this sumbitch up and watch that clip again:

Couple things here, though – one, Louisiana Tech, you poor poor football offense. This ball traveled the length of the football field basically, and y’all didn’t have anyone who could just fall on the ball. Forget picking it up and putting a little razzle dazzle on it. I mean, you didn’t have a soul who could just fall on the ball and contain it.

Second, Mississippi State….at this point, you are up 57-14 in the 4th quarter….kind of a douche move to be attempting to pick up the ball and run 100 yards to score when you’ve already obviously eviscerated your opponent, but that’s neither here nor there.

Only thing I can think of is that the defense was like, “hey, how long y’all think we can kick around this fumble before someone recovers it?” And they just tried to keep it away from Louisiana Tech….or, they were trying to score a touchdown without even scooping up the ball and carrying it. Could you imagine? It would be like scoring a goal in soccer. Maybe that’s what they were thinking.

They weren’t assholes trying to run up the score at all. Just guys being dudes trying to score a soccer goal in an American football game.

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