Straight Forward Fashion: Super Bowl LII Teams

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Philadelphia Eagles 

Green stands for the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. I’m not getting a single one of those out of this. The color is also associated with money, and that’s precisely what this team needs to spend for better uniforms. The combination of green and white reminds of a chewing gum package—not a football team. Back in the day, I would chew this shit up and spit it out with the crew I ran with before. Of course, that was before the big fire of ’91. Sure, the Eagle’s wing on the helmet is a nice touch, but paint the face of one on the front of it. Maybe it could even have a little worm or something in its mouth. Now that’ll strike fear in to any soul!


New England Patriots

Well—what do we have over here?! First, the combination of colors is a championship collection. I’m not predicting a victory at the Super Bowl, but this team certainly dresses like it. Secondly, the silver helmets with the richly red muzzles on the front is a slick look, and their logo is perfectly patriotic while taking center stage on the sides of the helmet. It’s a classic look that’s not daring, yet doesn’t have to be. And may I say, I’m a big fan of any helmet that’s accompanied by a windshield. I didn’t know they existed, but what a hoot!


Gorgeous Boyd went to Fashion Week once in Savannah, Georgia in 1992. After falling in love with the world of fashion, he would go on to work for 20 years at Dillard’s. Now, he’s brought his passion for fashion to The SoBros Network. 

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