Straight Forward Fashion: WrestleMania Styles

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WRESTLEMANIA II: Macho Man Randy Savage

Now, this is my kinda guy! The details alone will make a fashionista such as myself weep. The colors absolutely dazzle, each one complementary of the other. Also, how ballsy can you be to accessorize that robe with sunglasses AND a headband?! Some would say there’s too much going on. However, I would strongly disagree because this ensemble is the marking of a big deal. Leave it to a legend to captivate before even getting undressed.



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WRESTLEMANIA 28: The Undertaker

WTF? Somebody stole Pinhead’s wardrobe from those Hellraiser movies. I don’t really know what to make out of this. Sure, there’s some beauty to it in a dark, twisted kinda way, but a man his age going gothic is quite laughable. Unless he was standing in front of me. If that was to happen, I’d be peeing myself I suppose. But the worst part is the hood. Really? Too scared to wear a Custodian helmet Dead Man?



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What a dignified, handsome man we have here. A classic look that would give Reba McEntire a run for her money as Col. Sanders in those KFC commercials. Don’t be fooled, this is not a standard look my friends. This is a bold choice because of the confidence needed to wear this piece. I’d say the look matches the attitude.



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 WRESTLEMANIA 25: Shawn Michaels

Is that an angel? I swear he looks like an angel. A glistening white surrounded by a darkly golden bronze makes everything on his trousers pop. And I do mean everything. It would appear the designs seem personal, a wearing of the faith and spirituality. Huge props for wearing how you feel and what you stand for. Quick question: Who is he looking at with that eye?



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WRESTLEMANIA 13: Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold

Now I knew that bald-headed guy looked familiar: SFF: Stone Cold Steve Austin 

But Mr. Hart has him beat. Most men are afraid to even have a shade of pink in their attire, much less have their entire top blasting hot pink. Having the white mesh with it and going simple with the black pants is a nice call. It simply complements the brighter colors, flashing a wild side to the spectators. Perhaps I’m a little biased considering I have two gorgeous pink candle holders in my hot tub, but this says FEARLESS.



WWE Photo

WRESTLEMANIA V: The Bushwhackers

Instantly, I can tell they’re having a blast and probably couldn’t give two dookies about fashion. However, this looks pretty careless all around. I mean look at that one’s belt. I’m shocked his dick isn’t hanging out, either. The camouflage look is so difficult to pull off in the first place, and seeing these two even half-ass attempt it makes my mascara run.



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Speech. Less.

GRADE: A++++


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