Straight Forward Fashion: Infinity Gauntlet

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I’ve been around fashion since Abraham Lincoln started popping those top hats. But, never have I seen a mitten like the Infinity Gauntlet. Solid and shiny, gold never seems to disappoint. Too bad it’s the cheap kind. I could chew right through it with my tooth.

The colorful stones dazzle the knuckles and hand. They appear to be very rare and must be tough to get. Between those and the delightful details within, it tricks you in to thinking you have something special. Don’t be fooled, fashion fans! What makes this the most tragic is this janky junk could be a jewel if only we could throw some purple on it and a WWJD bracelet. Good luck with that.


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Gorgeous Boyd went to Fashion Week once in Savannah, Georgia in 1992. After falling in love with the world of fashion, he would go on to work for 20 years at Dillard’s. Now, he’s brought his passion for fashion to The SoBros Network. 

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