Barry Odom Goes Scoreboard on the Tennessee Volunteers

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Barry Odom does not seem like he’s very happy these days. I mean….it’s not like anyone can blame him. Things aren’t so great for the Missouri Tigers since they were slapped with a bowl ban and loss of scholarships over some casual academic fraud.

To say Odom is on edge might be an understatement.

Courtesy of the Knoxville News Sentinel:

SEC schools are trying to poach Missouri’s seniors, and Barry Odom isn’t happy about it.

In particular, the Tigers’ football coach has a bone to pick with Tennessee.

“Who’d we beat 51-17 this year? Tennessee? Yeah, those guys,” Odom told “They are non-stop reaching out daily (saying), ‘Hey, come here.’ The grass is not always greener somewhere else.”

Odom had the score wrong by a point.

Missouri trounced Tennessee 50-17 last season. The Tigers won by the same scorethe previous year.

Teams are coming after Odom’s seniors after the NCAA hit Missouri with a one-year bowl ban and 5 percent scholarship reduction for an academic fraud scandal. The baseball and softball programs also received the postseason and scholarship penalties.

The penalties date to a case that came to light in November 2016, when Missouri announced it was investigating, in conjunction with the NCAA, allegations of academic fraud. Tutor Yolanda Kumar revealed she’d cheated for Missouri athletes in multiple sports.

Listen, y’all. He’s probably real stressed out right now.

But, do you really blame other schools for going after his players?!?! Especially the seniors. They probably don’t want to waste their last year playing on a team that has no shot at a championship. Watch – 2019 will be the year it all comes together for Odom.

I hope this is Odom’s pitch to get kids to stay, too. “Coach, I’m thinkin’ about transferring to Tennessee.”



I hope this all ends in a fight somewhere – maybe we’ll get Odom and Jeremy Pruitt in a sort of Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz style scuffle next year.

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