Mark Ingram CUT A PROMO on the LSU Tigers

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This ‘Game of the Century’ stuff is reaching a fever pitch. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide are set to play tomorrow in a game that has serious College Football Playoff implications. It’s been a topic of discussion seemingly around the clock this week. Now, former Tide player, 2009 Heisman Trophy winner, and current Baltimore Ravens running back, Mark Ingram, is weighing in from the locker room.


Bro, is this Friday Night Smackdown? What the hell am I watching? Where did this come from? Do you SMELL what Mark Ingram is COOKING?!?!

I mean, shit….don’t y’all think a simple ‘Roll Tide’ would’ve sufficed? Did he have to go full WWE mode and cut a promo on the LSU Tigers?! Seems like that’s just more bulletin board material. I don’t know that this LSU team is the one you want to agitate.

I will say, though, that since we’re making wrestling comparisons, this game does feel a whole hell of a lot like The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin headlining WrestleMania with the WWF Championship on the line.

I can’t wait – it damn sure sounds like Mark Ingram can’t wait.

And, if you’re asking for my opinion, I think the Tigers outscore the Tide in a frenetic sprint. I just don’t know how healthy Tua Tagovailoa is and the defense has looked vulnerable at times this season anyway. I think the Tide is being way overvalued at -7. This one’s going to be close, but I like the Tigers 38-35.

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