I Am Completely Out on This Story About a Dude Growing a Dragon Horn Out of His Back

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I encounter a lot of weird shit when I’m perusing the internet trying to find stories that I know the SoBros Network faithful will enjoy. That’s my signature, y’know? That’s why the ‘humor’ tag was our most popular and most read of 2019! Well, I found a headline that I thought you guys would dig about a dude who grew a dragon horn out of his back. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, after reading this story and *gulp* seeing the photo, I can honestly say I am 10 million percent OUT on this one. You guys can look into it if you want, but this one’s going to be a hard pass for me.

Really….please don’t click this link. There’s a picture of the actual dragon horn referenced and it is absolutely disgusting and my guts are churning just thinking about it, but I have to link to my source here in order to properly attribute the story to where it originated.

Courtesy of ars technica:

Recently, doctors in the UK surgically removed a 14cm-long “dragon horn” from a man’s lower back. The 50-year-old patient reported that it had been growing for at least three years.

Listen – I’m as guilty as anyone of putting off my own health on the back burner in order to keep up with the frenetic pace of life in 2020. But, how in the rightful fuck do you not notice a damn HORN growing out of your back? Even worse, how do you notice it and think, “ah, it’s no big deal?”

I gotta stop writing, y’all. Listen – I tried. I really did. I really did want to rattle off about a hundred more words about how absurd this whole story is, but I can’t.

I’m about to hurl thinkin’ about that picture.

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