2020 National Championship Betting Guide

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Here we go, folks. It’s the big day – the literal pinnacle of the college football season. Two teams head to New Orleans with the College Football Playoff trophy in their sights – the LSU Tigers and the Clemson Tigers. Only one will actually walk out with it. Folks, that’s drama of the highest order. So, it’s time for me to break this game down and drop my 2020 National Championship betting guide.

2020 National Championship Betting Guide

The spread: LSU -5.5 – Let’s start with the big number here. I’ve seen it at LSU -5, and I’ve seen it hit LSU -6, but the general consensus is -5.5. From a matchup standpoint, this looks like strength vs. strength. That LSU offense is historic with their Heisman-winning quarterback, Joe Burrow, at the helm, taking on a Clemson defense that’s loaded with talent and kept an explosive Ohio State Buckeyes offense in check in the semi-finals. Something has to give. Conversely, LSU has a lot of talent in the secondary, but they’re hardly the stout defensive unit they were in years past. So, there’s an opportunity for Trevor Lawrence and company to make plays, and that’s how Clemson can win this game.

Plus, how do you factor in the intangibles? Dabo Swinney has had his guys here before. If they win this game, it’ll be their third National Championship in four seasons. How does experience and moxie weigh against talent? If you boil this bet down to one question, that’s it.

I’m not going to be surprised if Clemson keeps this close because Swinney is as good as anyone at prepping his guys for big games. After coasting through the ACC, they’ve turned things on at the right time. But, Burrow, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, that receiving corps, and Joe Brady have just been so damn good, that I don’t see how you bet against them.

My pick: Lay the points. LSU -5.5.

The over/under: 68 – This number came down from 69.5, and that could be reflective of a belief that the nerves set in during these big games. Teams start a little more conservatively, there’s a bit of a feeling-out process, and that takes time off of the clock. By the time offenses are settled, we’re well into the game – that’s my guess, anyway. I’m trying to make sense of it, because these two offenses are incredible.

Clemson comes into the game averaging 45.3 points per game. LSU is averaging 48.9. So, looking at that, you’d expect an offensive explosion.

Sure, you could take the under if you think LSU is going to blow out Clemson and win this one 51-10 or something like that. But, LSU has allowed explosive offenses to move the ball on them. Look at the Alabama game. Clemson has that same sort of potential on offense. I highly doubt that either team is going to pull away from the other.

My pick: OVER 68. Plenty of fireworks in this one.

If you’re not the type to toss around money but can toss around a few drinks, check out my 2020 National Championship Drinking Game here.

Here’s to another season in the books, folks. Enjoy!

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