Guys, Knife Edge Chops Work in Real Life

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As a wrestling fan, I’ve always been a little lukewarm on knife edge chops. I get it – you can’t throw a closed fist at someone, and sometimes you just need to legitimately physically strike someone. So, the chop works. But, I’m not going to lie – I was a doubter. I used to think that the idea of throwing a chop in an actual fight would be laughable. That’s stupid, anyway, because in an actual fight you could just throw actual fists…but you get what I’m saying.

Well, if you’re like me, and have had this thought burning in the back of your mind for decades, we finally have an answer, and yes, folks – knife edge chops can be an effective strike in a shoot fight.

The SMACK. My God – this dude knew the whole time exactly what he was finna do. He downright stalked the guy, didn’t rush or anything, just calmly walks up and then stuffs his hand right through that guys chest.

He even licked the hand, like “bitch, you pushed me – you get the extra sauce.” We all know how much extra pain is inflicted when you lick and/or spit in the hand. The Rock taught us that.

And, it worked. Holy shit, did it work. This guy gets folded in half backward. He might have a concussion from how hard his head the table. That’s on top of the broken spine. But, hey – that’s what you get when you try to roll up on someone and throw a haymaker while they’re back’s turned. Hard to feel sorry for the cheap shot artists out there. That’s why we cheer the faces and boo the heels, y’all!

Props to the guy yelling “BITCH” after it happened, too. All wrestling fans know that the commentary is what can make or break a match.

Also, shit – I should’ve verified whether or not this guy actually died. Not cool to write about the dead like this, but I don’t know and I’ve already written this whole thing, so we’re just going to guess (journalistically, of course) that he’s still alive.


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