George Kittle Celebrated the Championship Win With a Shirtless Jimmy G T-shirt


The San Francisco 49ers are heading to the Super Bowl after caving in the skulls of the Green Bay Packers. Just an all-around dominant performance – you had Raheem Mostert go for 220 rushing yards and FOUR touchdowns. The defense gave Aaron Rodgers fits, and George Kittle had one reception for 19 yards. Yeah – we’re definitely NOT talking about anything Kittle did on the field yesterday. The electric 49ers tight end is making waves today because of his t-shirt, depicting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo shirtless, displayed proudly in the postgame press conference.

Man, you can’t put pure sex out into the world like that and not expect it to show up somewhere somehow. Handsome Jimmy G should’ve known better. You put that photo out there, then guys – George Kittle has NO CHOICE but to put it on a t-shirt.

That’s the kind of energy it takes to win the NFC Championship. That’s the kind of energy it takes to win a damn Super Bowl. You don’t see any Packers with that kind of heat. And, where are they now? They’re golfing. They’re going home to do absolutely nothing. LOSERS.

You want to know why the 49ers gave Jimmy G so much damn money when he was still a relatively unproven quarterback? That’s why. It’s the heat check factor. They knew that if they could just get to the playoffs, they could ride that pure sex to a championship.

Also, let’s talk about George Kittle for a minute – did this guy become the best tight end in football this season? I think so. People who were getting their first look at the guy in the NFC Championship yesterday probably wouldn’t notice, but what a season the guy has. If it’s not him, it’s gotta be Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. How about that? We get the two best tight ends in the Super Bowl.

What a championship Sunday for Kittle, the 49ers, and Jimmy G’s sex appeal.

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