Idol vs. Rival

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This match – I never even thought it would happen. It’s just kinda one of those things you dream about, you know? But, then you see those words – that it’s happening. Stress and anxiety followed because you never know what could happen.

Injuries. Emergencies. Shows getting cancelled. But, the days pass and then the day came when I met B-Boy for the first time. Taking his seminar. Learning from my hero. The man that influenced me on so much. That Sunday afternoon, defending my newly won Bonestorm Championship against SoCal wrestling legend B-Boy.

Highly praised. Considered by others my best match. ‘Match of the Year’ that year. We moved human beings watching pro wrestling to tears because of the story we told and painted on that canvas together as men, as artists, and as professional wrestlers.

As the ref’s hand hit three, I rolled off of the cover and just openly cried in the middle of the ring. Because being told “you will never become a pro wrestler” by some of your family, friends, even teachers…on this date, did I not only prove them wrong, I proved something to myself. And, two of my best friends called the action: Righteous Jesse and John Mosley. I had another in my corner in Cody Brewer.

The story’s ending really wasn’t the end. Merely, just the ending of a chapter.

Eight months later, we would do it again.

Chapter 2 at The Scenic city Invitational. Another match against my hero. We shook hands and circled, ready to lock up. Benny paused, gazing into the crowd and the rain of “let’s go B-Boy” vs. “let’s go Pitbull” dueling chants echoed in that gym for what felt like forever. I cracked one of the biggest smiles of my life. Just to share that moment with him was something special.

As the action went back and forth, and after finally hitting three shining wizards, B-Boy took the victory. We embraced once again and I exited the ring, giving this legend the stage and he, rightfully so, was given a standing ovation to “thank you B-Boy” chants. I stood by the entrance, just living in that moment. Watching my hero get the respect he deserves.

This man has given so much of his life for this business, this profession, this sport, and these words will never be enough. And, who am I in the grand scheme of it all? I’m still that 15 year old kid, home from school watching a wrestling program, discovering the man who would influence me, who would teach me, who would bless him and allow him to use his signature moves. But even being all those things, I am now his rival.

Thank you, Uncle Benny.

I will see you Feburary 8th at the SCI Rumble and we will square up for Chapter 3.

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