B-Boy: An Ode to Uncle Benny

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It’s something of a conundrum to say someone is both a “legend” and “underrated.” Thus is the life of B-Boy.

He’s guy who has done it all and worked with just about every great independent promotion ever. The duration of his wrestling tenure speaks for itself. From winning BOTB 3 in 2003 to being a part of a guaranteed MOTY candidate against Benjamin Carter for ACTION Wrestling, he shows over and over that he is special. That’s the word that I keep coming back to. Special. For us in the audience, seeing him perform elicits real emotion. Special. Talk to those that have shared the ring with him and they’ll tell you the same thing. There’s something about B-Boy that can’t be explained. He’s just all his own. Special.

He takes that same passion and puts it into training as we’ve seen with Cain Velasquez and Dominick Mysterio for the WWE, along with so many he’s helped over the years. He loves this business and wants to help this next generation instead of nitpick them. In the social media age, that really is special

What really gave me the motivation to write this was the loss of Kobe Bryant. I don’t think any of us realized just how many people he had impacted in his life…just like B-Boy doesn’t realize how important he is to so many of us. We need to appreciate our heroes while they are here because they won’t always be. I’m sure B-Boy could get frustrated at times that he hasn’t been signed, or at the least, he’s not being used as a trainer somewhere. Truth be told, it’s a serious head-scratcher, but that’s wrestling.

In this business, some of the people you think are your friends aren’t and some of the people you think don’t care actually do. It’s a strange, frustrating atmosphere at times, but when it’s good, it’s great, and that’s the energy B-Boy brings to the business. If he never gets the love he deserves from ‘bigger’ companies, it will be a shame.

What I want him to know is that even if that day doesn’t come, his legacy is something to be proud of. He’s OG AF. Uncle Benny. Mother Fucking B-Boy. The underrated legend. 

(Image courtesy of the man, the myth, the legend: Mouse)

John Mosley is the independent wrestling and TV aficionado of the SoBros Network. He graduated from ETSU with a degree in Radio, TV and Film along with a minor in Film Studies. Since graduating he’s done pretty much nothing but watch, film, edit or commentate for local wrestling promotions and is the current color commentator for Resolute Wrestling. #Preds #Titans #DefendOrVacateConor

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