Larrell Murchison Effects Games in the Same Manner As Jurrell Casey

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Sacks from the defensive tackle position are among my favorite things in football. They’re often the result of some gritty effort and determination – just pushing a pocket until it collapses, working one on one with a big offensive lineman until you wear him down – that sort of thing. Hey – the pass rush doesn’t always just come from defensive ends and outside linebackers. That’s why Tennessee Titans 5th round pick Larrell Murchison is drawing comparisons to the Titans legend the team just shipped off to Denver, Jurrell Casey.

For the better part of a decade, Casey made life a living hell for opposing quarterbacks. He’s athletic, has tremendous lateral quickness, and a surprising pass rush tool box for a defensive lineman. Over the course of his tenure with the Titans, he amassed 51 sacks. That’s 2nd in the Titans era, behind only Jevon Kearse and his 52 sacks. He likely would’ve gotten the Titans era record this season had they not traded him (*sad face*).

Now, it’s not exactly fair to Murchison to heave such insane expectations upon him. It’s not about calling Murchison the next Casey – there are way too many variables that can play a role in whether or not this guy even remotely sniffs the rare air that Casey does. Rather, it’s more about the vision behind the pick. You turn on the highlights, and you see flashes of Murchison effecting games at NC State the same way that Casey did for the Titans. In that sense, you certainly hope that you’ve found a guy who can bring back some of the skills you traded to Denver.

Murchison doesn’t have the lateral quickness, agility, or overall talent level that Casey has. But, he displays sound technique, and he did several different things well at NC State. What stood out to me most was his awareness and savvy – his highlights include batted passes, fumbles recovered, and a sick interception in addition to the sacks. The guy just seemed to have a knack for locating the ball and finding a way to be around it. There’s some bull rush potential on Murchison’s tape. But, I’d say his signature is his effort and production – both are the first things that a lot of scouting reports mention.

Maybe Casey used that quickness and agility at the defensive tackle position to get sacks, where Murchison gets there through grinding it out. But, the parallel is that they both get there. They’re both productive sack guys and quarterback agitators. You have to like the value of getting a defensive tackle who had seven sacks and 12 tackles for loss in the 5th round. Murchison has a wealth of potential.

Whether or not this translates to the NFL level remains to be seen. I like the Titans defensive line situation with Jeffery Simmons, DaQuan Jones, and Isaiah Mack. There’s decent depth behind those guys, but Murchison could emerge as a difference-maker and really fortify the unit into one of the strengths of the team, as it has been for the last several seasons.


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