Cole McDonald Ought to Spice the Preseason Right Up

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The Tennessee Titans selected former Hawaii quarterback Cole McDonald in the 7th round of last weekend’s NFL Draft. At times, I felt like I was one of just a few who were actually banging the drum for the Titans to take a flier on a developmental quarterback in this year’s draft. Just a bit of insurance at the position, and a potential contingency play…or, “heir to the throne,” if you will. Now, that the Titans have drafted a guy, it ought to make training camp and the preseason a lot more interesting (assuming there is a training camp and preseason).

McDonald can absolutely fill that role. The first thing you notice about the guy is that deep ball. I swear, man – it felt like that Hawaii offense was throwing BOMBS every other play. Every time that ball went up to the heavens, it came down a touchdown. Just crazy stuff. McDonald also possesses some quality athleticism at the quarterback position as well – whether it’s moving around in the pocket to buy time, or breaking the edge and taking the ball upfield. There’s one play in the highlight reel embedded below during which McDonald just takes off and outruns three defenders for a long touchdown. Dude’s a gunslinger, but he’s got a set of wheels to go with it.

He does have an odd throwing motion – he does this thing where he just SINKS the ball before he chucks it to the moon. If he pulls that shit in the NFL, you’re just asking for a strip sack and a scoop-and-score. He’s already stated that he’s working on his throwing mechanics. I imagine it’s something that’ll get plenty of work throughout the offseason.

But, McDonald’s style of play isn’t so different from the way Ryan Tannehill plays. Underrated arm, underrated athleticism. Can really do it all in the type of offense that the Titans run. I’ve seen some people suggest that McDonald could be used similarly to how the Saints use Taysom Hill. Is Taysom Hill the new Sean McVay? Is that our infatuation now? Every team has to have someone on the coaching staff that had a cup of coffee with McVay, and they have to have their own version of Taysom Hill.

I don’t see it. Sure, they could use his athleticism in some special packages, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get that chance if he has a good camp and preseason. But, McDonald ain’t gonna be gunnin’ people down on special teams, and we have no idea if he can even catch. It’s a little silly to expect that Taysom Hill production out of him.

He’s going to be just fine as a developmental quarterback. Plus, the guy just seems to have an infectious personality that I figure will resonate with the Titans fan base.

You watch those highlights, and it’s hard not to get excited about Cole McDonald coming in here and competing with Logan Woodside (who’s no slouch in his own right) for that #2 job. The Titans find themselves with a pretty interesting quarterback room all of a sudden.

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