Time to Hitch the Wagon to Otis

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There’s no denying that Otis has become one of the hottest fan favorites on the WWE brand. Specifically, the dude seems to have caught on big time during WWE’s “empty arena era.” But, to go from being beloved on wrestling Twitter to winning the 2020 Money In The Bank Ladder Match….that’s a big step.

But, here we are nonetheless – the rocket ship has been strapped to the dude’s back. It’s set in stone. The push is set into motion.

And, really – bravo. The finish of that ladder match was one of the most creative we’ve seen yet. I don’t want to be that asshole, but can you imagine the reaction that finish would’ve gotten had they been able to do it in front of a live crowd? King Corbin and A.J. Styles fighting over the briefcase, only for Corbin to fall off the ladder, Styles to fumble the briefcase and drop it right into Otis’ waiting arms. *chef’s kiss*

It’s a nice reward for being one of the MVPs of the WWE during this tough time, but I think it can be much more. The people love him…he’s puttin’ in some fun work. Why not kick the tires on a major push? Why not see what kind of longevity you can get out of this thing?

I’ve thought for a long time that the Heavy Machinery gimmick was tailor made for the main roster. It might not have connected as well to the NXT audience, but you get those boys on Raw or SmackDown and it was fodder for the masses. A fun, classic pro wrestling gimmick. But, even I, the optimist, didn’t see it getting to this level. Otis was featured in a major program leading into WrestleMania 36 and he delivered. So, it appears as though the plan of action is to see how far it can go – he’s now in possession of the Money In The Bank briefcase, which insures that he’s going to get a title match. He’s going to be wrestling for one of the world championships. How wild is that to say?!?!

As far as whether or not he can become wrestling’s next big star, that remains to be seen. That’s a lofty aspiration, as Otis doesn’t exactly fit the bill of what WWE usually presents as its top guy. But, there’s something different about him that could lend itself towards making him a cultural (and marketing) phenomenon – he’s lovable.

Usually, the lovable guys are reserved for the comedy bits or the love triangles in the WWE…but on occasion, they have one truly break through (a la Mick Foley, for example). Otis has that ability to connect with the fans, and people are responding to him. Honestly, I won’t be surprised to see him get a trial world title run just to see what they’ve got. Strike while the iron’s hot, y’know? It’s time to hitch the wagon to the guy and see what happens.

Now, can we get that Otis vs. Brock Lesnar showdown in the works?

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