My 10 Favorite Tag Teams

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I’m a huge fan of tag team wrestling – I hate that it seems like the glory days of this facet of the wrestling industry seem to have already passed. But, it’s kinda pretentious to come out and say this list marks the “greatest tag teams of all time,” when indeed, the wrestling business has gone on for a lot longer than my 33 years on Earth. So, I’m careful not to call this list my “greatest” tag teams of all time. What follows is just my list, based solely on the criteria of me liking them. Boom – journalism.

Starting off with some honorable mentions, the Brothers of Destruction immediately come to mind. Hell, Kane was always underrated as a tag team worker (see his runs with ‘Taker, X-Pac, RVD, Big Show, and Daniel Bryan). When those two got together, you knew shit was about to pop off. I also liked Billy & Chuck, Miz & Morrison, and the APA quite a bit.

John Mosley and I recently did an episode of Checks and Championships, on which we talked about our favorite tag teams of ALL TIME. You can catch that episode HERE:

Listen to “Ep. 75: Our Favorite Tag Teams” on Spreaker.

My 10 Favorite Tag Teams

10. Los Guerreros – The 2000s weren’t exactly the best era for tag teams. But, pairing Eddie and Chavo together in the early years of that decade was a stroke of brilliance. It may have been relatively short-lived compared to the other teams on this list, but it was a fun run. And, hell – this is my list, after all. I loved the hell out of Los Guerreros.

9. The Nasty Boys – I’ll be honest. I don’t really remember a great match the Nasty Boys ever had. But, those outfits were sick. Their Hasbro action figures -AND- the OSFTM WCW action figures were sick. I absolutely LOVED the Pit Stop as a kid, and they were one of the first tag teams from my childhood that I thought of when I started making this list. Gotta have ’em in the top 10.

8. 3 Minute Warning – Again, this is MY list. I firmly believe 3 Minute Warning is the most underrated, underutilized tag team of all time. That gimmick of them interrupting segments at the behest of Eric Bischoff was red red hot. How and why they didn’t parlay that into an epic tag team run is beyond me. They could’ve been the defining tag team of the early 2000s, but they just never got that run. It’s a shame – Rosey and Jamal ruled.

7. The New Day – This entertaining trio has been one of the most popular acts in all of wrestling for the last five years. Hell, they because so successful that they parlayed this run into a WWE Championship win for Kofi Kingston. Unbelievable – they’ll go down as one of the greatest teams of all time.

6. Legion of Doom – That’s right, I’m going with the ‘Legion of Doom’ – NOT the Road Warriors….that was a bit before my time. I was all about those red shoulder pads. Animal and Hawk kicked some serious ass.

5. The Usos – Jimmy and Jey have been revitalizing tag team wrestling for the better part of the last decade. They reliably and consistently put on show-stealers, and almost single-handedly made me give a good deal of shit about tag team wrestling again. Their rivalry with the New Day is one of the greatest tag team feuds of all time.

4. Harlem Heat – Booker T and Stevie Ray made up what was probably my first favorite tag team. I just loved the combination of Booker T’s radiant charisma with Stevie Ray’s big bully aura. These were two badasses in my mind, and it didn’t hurt that the flaming tights looked cool as hell.

3. The New Age Outlaws – I thought the Smoking Gunns were cool enough as a kid, but growing up in Nashville, I also remember thinking, “these look like the guys at the Co-op I see when I go with my dad to buy horse feed.” I knew Billy could go, but HOT DAMN did he and Road Dogg hit another gear when they were paired together apart of DX. They don’t get the credit they deserve for helping to build the Attitude Era.

2. The Hart Foundation – I once said that Bret Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were probably the best tag team of all time. They just complemented each other so well and put on some of the best tag matches of their generation. When I was a kid, I used to go to the local video store to rent any and all VHS tapes that had Hart Foundation matches on them.

1. Edge & Christian – If we’re talking favorites (which, spoiler alert, we are) I have to go Edge & Christian. Both of those guys had the outlandish outfits, the immeasurable charisma, and could absolutely go with anyone. If you know my brand of wrestling, having Edge & Christian here makes a lot of sense. But, I also loved the way they won the big matches.

The Hardy Boyz were doing all kinds of crazy shit. The Dudley Boyz were throwing people through tables. It seemed like everyone was completely enamored by those two teams, yet, Edge & Christian always ended up coming out on top when the lights were on bright. I ate that up as a young contrarian.

So, whatcha got? Hit me with your favorite tag teams in the comments.

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