Podcast: In Your House, GCW, Ison vs. Zayne

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We have a jam-packed and loaded edition of Checks and Championships to get to this week. John Mosley joins me as we break down NXT’s revival of the In Your House brand, what we thought of the show, and where the black and yellow brand can go from here.

Then, we shift gears and talk about the return of GCW as they hit Indianapolis on June 20th. We go over the match announcements and talent announcements so far and weigh in on the careful measures put in place to insure the safety of the fans.

And, Mose had a nice little surprise for all of us. Dude’s been sitting on a bit of a hidden gem from the state of Tennessee for two years now – fire up this YouTube video and watch along as we break down Brett Ison vs. Alex Zayne from Resolute Wrestling in 2018.

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