I Am Happy to Report That “Straight to My Feet” Is the Anthem of the Summer

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First things first, we’re all about being transparent and giving credit where credit is due here at the SoBros Network. This whole post was born out of a recommendation from Mouse. In fact….pure unadulterated fact.…I never would’ve heard “Straight to My Feet” in my entire life had it not been for Mouse stepping up and telling me I had to check it out. So, big time shout out to the guy – the man, the myth, the legend.

In case you’ve missed it, I haven’t seen…like…any movies that were made before the year 2000. It’s kinda my thing – it’s a blast at parties. People always list their favorites from years gone by, and I just shut ’em all down. “Nope, never seen it…” over and over and over. Well, I’ve been going back and taking in pop culture from my youth that I might’ve missed along the way lately. Most recently, that meant catching 1994’s Street Fighter for the first time.

I don’t know how the hell I missed this one, as I was big time into Street Fighter as a kid. Big time Vega guy – I wore the shit out of that game. I had all of those little GI Joe style Street Fighter action figures. I’d have my own little Street Fighter tournaments right there in my living room (Vega always won – he had a fucking claw, are you kidding me? How cool!). Yet, somehow, I missed this movie.

So, I mention that on Twitter with that latest edition of Stoney Sees, and lo and behold, Mouse is there with the information that MC Hammer and Deion Sanders teamed up for a music video for the soundtrack.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, “Straight to My Feet:”

How was this wonderful gem kept hidden from me my entire life? I never ever would have ever thought I’d need the MC Hammer, Deion Sanders, and Jean-Claude Van Damme collab and yet, here we are.

This thing goes hard, man.

It goes so hard in fact, that as the Editor In Chief of SoBros Network, I am officially declaring this song the official unofficial anthem of the summer 2020, officially.

We don’t see this type of shit anymore, guys. It’s a lost art – when a movie would come out back in the day, and the soundtrack would drop with it, that used to be a special occasion. Pinkies up. That hot new blockbuster would hit the screen, and you would always anticipate that soundtrack dropping. That just doesn’t happen anymore.

And, they damn sure don’t let people smoke cigars in music videos anymore which is a shame because smoking looks SO cool. Anyway, now I need to find me a copy of the Street Fighter soundtrack.

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