The Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen

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Our resident film critic, Brandon Vick, and I have spent an awful lot of time on The Vick’s Flicks Podcast talking about the best of this and the best of that. We’ve even outright discussed our favorite movies altogether. But, we’ve never talked about some of our worst movie experiences, and that’s precisely what I’m here to do today. I’m going to be sharing my list of the five worst movies I’ve ever seen.

Keep in mind – I’m 33 years old. I’m a firm believer that you can’t say ‘of all time’ when you haven’t been around for ‘all time.’ If you see a journalist making “all time” lists, you can assume one of two things – the person is actually immortal and is thus qualified to use that term, or the person is actually just writing clickbait headlines.

So, there you have it – qualified and all. This list was compiled solely with my own viewing experiences in mind – based off of what I’ve seen, these are the worst movies I’ve ever subjected myself to.

The Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen

Blade – I might catch some flack for this one, but I have absolutely no idea why y’all love the Blade movies so much. Such a thin story, poor acting – just all around an absolute mess. I may have never felt so betrayed by mass opinions before in my entire life.

The Love Guru – I think this is the exact moment I realized that Mike Myers had absolutely lost his fastball. I don’t know what else I can say about this movie – just completely disheartening and disappointing.

K-19: The Widowmaker – This is the only movie I’ve ever actually legitimately asked Brandon if we could walk out of in theaters. If you know anything about Brandon, you know that’s virtually heresy to that man. But, It was so incredibly boring. Who would’ve thought that with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson?

The Happening – Speaking of losing your fastball – it was like ol’ M. Night Shyamalan was grasping at straws to find some creative twist in his writing at this point. But, it just came up oh so miserably short. The big twist in The Happening was completely laughable, but the biggest twist was Mark Wahlberg even agreeing to do this one.

Movie 43 – Listen – I’m usually all for the absurd sense of humor. I am a big fan of MacGruber after all. But, I don’t understand the vision behind this one. Did a bunch of people just get together, do some drugs, and write a script? Undoubtedly the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

What are some of your horrific viewing experiences? Hit ya boi up in the comments.

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