Folks, This Is Not a Drill: The Nashville Scene’s Burger Week Starts Monday

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It’s an institution of the Nashville calendar. I wake up every day thanking my lucky stars that the Nashville Scene exists, solely for the creation of Burger Week. There have been a lot of really cool and useful things that have been created out of our fair Music City, but I don’t know that any event (outside of maybe Nashville Hot Chicken Week) comes close to the level of prestige and import that this one does. Folks – I am here to report, thanks to a newsletter I got in my inbox, that it is officially time get hyped…

….(just building some anticipation)….

….because Burger Week is back. It’s set to officially kick off come Monday, and where the burgers used to cost $5, they’re bumping it up to $7

Courtesy of the Nashville Scene:

Make no bones about it – your participation supports beloved local businesses and is the reason why these amazing restaurants create master burgers year after year. Dine-in or carry out your orders of tasty $7 burgs now more than ever will help support some of Nashville’s best restaurants and their teams that work their buns off, during Burger Week and beyond!

Hello darkness, my old friend. Who’s ready to clog the fuck out of their arteries with me?!?!

What I find interesting about this year is that there seems to be a lot of new blood in the field. Of course, you have your staples like Burger Republic, The Slider House, and Jack Brown’s, but there are a ton of spots that I haven’t even heard of yet that have joined the field this year.

Definitely seems like there’s an opportunity for some newcomer to rise up and take the throne as Nashville’s best burger (not really true at all since The Pharmacy, Husk, and Brown’s aren’t in the race, but I’m just trying to build some fucking drama, okay?).

I’ve perused the menu for this year’s event, and have identified some of the burgers I’m most excited to try:

  • Phat Bites: The 4/20 Burger – 2 beef patties, caramelized onions, goat cheese, local lettuce, and strawberry jalapeno jam.
  • Athens Family Restaurant: The Spartan Burger – 1/2 lb of seasoned ground chuck with lettuce, tomato and onion straws plus a side of Greek pimento cheese.
  • Drake’s: The Caprese Burger – A fresh, never frozen patty with mozzarella cheese, smoked tomato, aged balsamic glaze, red onion, iceberg and pesto mayo on a warm butter-toasted bun.
  • Farm Burger: The Spanish Pipedream – Tennessee Grass Fed Farm grassfed beef with noble springs goat cheese, grilled georgia peaches, arugula, pickled beets, chimichurri.

SEVEN bucks?!?! LFG, people! Burger Week is BACK!

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