The SoBros Mailbag: 112th Edition – College Football Concern

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Let’s face it – every day we are routinely bombarded with questions. When you’re an emerging media company in Nashville, people just want to know what your opinions are on everything. It’s only natural. And, since our duty is to serve the people, well, we have no choice but to be present. That’s the SoBro Way. Also, aren’t mailbags just a barrel of laughs anyway? Welcome to the newest weekly recurring feature up in this bitch: The SoBros Mailbag. As always, hit us with those mailbag questions @SoBrosNetwork on Twitter.



I actually saw Stan recently, and dropped what I felt like was one of my best jokes in a while: “Let’s be real – Clemson could win the ACC WHILE all of their players have covid.

Man, we joke a lot about our Clemson-Bama rivalry, but I’m starting to grow concerned about the college football season after the Big Ten officially announced that they would be playing conference-only schedules this season. Rumors were swirling this morning that the ACC would follow suit (and that the ACC would help out Notre Dame in the event that all conferences do this). The way covid cases are spiking across the country, man – I’m worried.

But, I will say this – a reduced schedule and maybe even a reduced season definitely benefits the programs that have an experienced quarterback-coach duo and a positive team culture. Clemson fits that bill, so I wouldn’t take issue with them being one of the favorites for the National Championship – hell, they already are. Maybe if Lawrence didn’t have to compete with his own teammate, Travis Etienne, maybe I’d be a little more high on his Heisman hopes, but I don’t know man.

We GOTTA play the season though, Stan. GOTTA.



Gimme the breast, 10/10 times. I always feel like the meat is of superior quality, and I can usually get a little more out of it. Though, I will say, I’d prefer wings and tendies to both. I very rarely just eat straight up chicken.

Alternative answers: “tiddies.

Keep the questions coming – catch y’all next week!

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