The SoBros Mailbag: 114th Edition – Winding Down and Cheese Sticks

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Let’s face it – every day we are routinely bombarded with questions. When you’re an emerging media company in Nashville, people just want to know what your opinions are on everything. It’s only natural. And, since our duty is to serve the people, well, we have no choice but to be present. That’s the SoBro Way. Also, aren’t mailbags just a barrel of laughs anyway? Welcome to the newest weekly recurring feature up in this bitch: The SoBros Mailbag. As always, hit us with those mailbag questions @SoBrosNetwork on Twitter.



Optimal number of cheese sticks, for me, is three – I can have three cheese sticks before a meal and still feel confident that I will not puke after eating my entree. Any more than that, and I’m going to be cursing every cheese stick in sight.

ALTERNATIVE ANSWER: “Depends on what we’re talking about here – how many cheese sticks is too many cheese sticks to eat? To fit in my butt? What? Let’s be more specific.”



Man, I didn’t know that, but if ever there was a summer movie deserving of the drive-in experience, The Goonies is it! We might have to go now. Hope Stardust gives you your fair share of commission for that. This is free advertising, buddy!

Question, from Steven on Facebook:

Who do you have Tyson or Jones, Jr.?


Steven, I don’t know what kinda shit Roy Jones, Jr. has been on, but have you seen this?

I would take Tyson to single handedly murder any creature outside of maybe a full grown grizzly bear at this point.



Back when I first started SoBros Network, I was sleeping around 3-4 hours a night, and working the rest of the day. I was a miserable piece of shit to be around, and it started to effect my health. I started getting sleep paralysis on a regular basis, started having panic/anxiety attacks, I was sick more during that spell than any other time in my life….it was bad. I remember sitting in a doctor’s office after having to leave work one day, and him just basically telling me, “dude – you have to stop living like this or your heart is going to explode.”

So, I had to really reevaluate my work-life balance. But, I had done so much damage that it took A LOT of research, trial and error, and time to really get myself back into healthy sleeping habits. Step 1 was just letting go of that toxic mentality that I was defined by how much I work. Step 2 was actually setting work aside at the end of the day. Step 3 was to practice better sleep.

This is where I get to the part in my tangent about developing a “wind down routine” – because it is so absolutely critical to getting a good night’s sleep. Just doing that has helped me go from that zombie who was sleeping half as much as he should have been and waking up feeling paralyzed and hallucinating once a week to a guy who generally feels healthy, happier, and is a hell of a lot more well-rested.

For me, I usually shut my laptop, then take a few moments just to decompress. I’ll grab a drink (usually, La Croix – but occasionally some booze (another thing I had to peel back when trying to get healthy)), and fire up either some old wrestling, episodes of The Office, or the day’s sports highlights. I use this time to sort of turn my brain off and allow whatever emotions I feel to come to me. Then, I try to think of why I’m feeling that way, and if it’s something that’s bothering me, I’ll journal about it just so I can get it out of my head and those thoughts won’t be clouding my mind when I lie down for bed.

After I’m relaxed, I move to bed, where I pick up a book and read. I do my best to avoid the phone/TV at this time (that stuff’s bad for a mind that’s trying to ease into rest, unless you have those glasses that filter out the harmful light). I’ll plug in my headphones and listen to some nature sounds or some whispering ASMR, and before I know it, I’m drifting off like never before. I was surprised at how much of sleep is mental as opposed to just lying there with your eyes closed.

All in all, I almost always take that last hour of the day just for me and the wind-down routine. I’m usually asleep by 11 or midnight these days, and have been getting a regular 7-8 hours for about two years now. I can tell a big time difference in my overall quality of life.



I’m going to rile up Preds Twitter for sure, but kill hockey dead – that’s not even a remotely difficult decision for me. I’m gonna fuck wrestling because my relationship with it is already kinda casual to begin with. But, I’m marrying football, man – I don’t know if you understand this feeling or not, Stan, but I feel like I’m going to have a mental breakdown if there’s no football this season. Some would call that sad, but I can’t help it. I love football – football’s probably right up there with friends, family, and gin on the Mount Rushmore of things I love.

Keep the questions coming – catch y’all next week!

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network. He is a strong supporter of Team GSD and #BeBetter. “Big Natural” covers the Tennessee Titans, Nashville, and a whole wealth of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley

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