Mike Evans Dunked on Keenan Allen, Is Also Better WR Than Keenan Allen

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in to today’s edition of ‘Twitter beefs we never knew we needed.’ We’ve got a doozy here, as apparently Chargers wideout Keenan Allen decided to go off yesterday and assert that he was basically the best wide receiver in the game. For some reason, he tagged Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, and some guy named Chris Goodwin who only has 213 Twitter followers…saying,

“Ok I’m tired of biten my tongue…@cheetah@MikeEvans13_@chrisgoodwin… ( and the list goes on) ARE NOT a better reciever than me! Faster than me…every day of the week but separation..CHILD PLEASE!”

Absolutely love that Keenan Allen tagged three guys – one of them wasn’t even an actual NFL receiver, and NONE of them are the actual best receiver in the game, Julio Jones. Someone needs to remind this man that it is not 2017 anymore. I have absolutely no problem with confidence – hell, I dare say it may be one of the most important qualities NFL players possess. No shame at all in Keenan Allen believing he’s the best in the game, but y’all – those are things you just don’t say.

Also, quick note – anyone else shocked to remember that Allen has played in the NFL for seven years now? Like, for some reason, he still seems like one of the younger guys in the league to me. Probably more an indictment of my memory than anything, but hot damn – time marches on.

Anyway, Evans just wasn’t going to take that lying down, so he fired off a response to Allen’s tweet:

“You tagged the wrong Chris Godwin lol and don’t be mad at us we ain’t make the rankings or care about em. I like the confidence but be realistic you not on my level bro”

Yikes. R.I.P. to Keenan Allen – you had a great run, bro. That’s the double whammy, though – calling out your inability to tag the right person, and calling you out for not being as good of a wide receiver as Mike Evans.

Doesn’t the truth hurt worse than any trash talk, too? What does Allen even say to that? The entire country (except for maybe Los Angeles) knows Evans is better than Allen. If you’re starting a franchise today, you’re picking Evans over Allen 10/10 times.

I didn’t know I needed to see this today, but here we are. Glad Mike Evans is bringing the ‘quit your bullshit’ subReddit to life.

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