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Let’s face it – every day we are routinely bombarded with questions. When you’re an emerging media company in Nashville, people just want to know what your opinions are on everything. It’s only natural. And, since our duty is to serve the people, well, we have no choice but to be present. That’s the SoBro Way. Also, aren’t mailbags just a barrel of laughs anyway? Welcome to the newest weekly recurring feature up in this bitch: The SoBros Mailbag. As always, hit us with those mailbag questions @SoBrosNetwork on Twitter.



Man, Steven – I’m not going to lie. I don’t even have the slightest clue of what that thing actually even is. Is it some sort of television? An early printer? Is it a record player? Beats me.

This feels like one of those weird time travel phenomenons and maybe it’s all the Dark I’ve been watching on Netflix….but it feels like this is one of those things that you find in a picture from the 1950s or something and absolutely no one has any recollection of such a device ever existing.

That’s not meant to be an age joke either – like, that’s legitimately where my head is at right now just looking at it. It’s like the pictures of Nicolas Cage from the 1400s.

Anyway, to answer your question, I’m going with the Sega Game Gear. They’re making all these old Nintendos and the Sega Genesis in new forms that plug into your TV, why can’t they revive the Game Gear?

I was always Team Game Gear – never once had a Game Boy even though I was dying to play Pokemon because the emulators on my PC couldn’t get me past the Snorlax. Still, out of principle, I was loyal to the Game Gear.

That’s where I discovered Mortal Kombat AND Sonic the Hedgehog – I remember taking that shit to car shows that I thought were boring when I was a kid, but my parents brought me along. Virtua Fighter all day, man! Those were the good old days – I miss the feeling of toting around that big chunky block of mass. I miss the way those two buttons slapped.

*Sigh* – maybe I just miss simpler times in my life, Steven. Who knows?

Super super light mailbag this week, so I want to see all of you guys step your game up next week, LFG!

Keep the questions coming – catch y’all next week!

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