New Video of the March Tornado Is Downright Harrowing

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With all of the stressors that the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustice, and social unrest have brought with them, it’s caused the tornado that ravaged middle Tennessee back in March to feel like it came through forever ago. People make their jokes and memes about how terrible 2020 has been, but let’s be real here – Nashville got hit pretty damn hard. That first week of March wasn’t an easy one, and the damage from that tornado still lingers untouched in areas of the mid-state.

I’m out in the Hermitage area – mounds of debris still rest along Dodson Chapel Road from March. Just as soon as the FEMA trucks arrived in the area, they were gone to help set up field hospitals to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Those piles of debris were forgotten – and crews are just now getting out to clean them up. Every day, those were a reminder of the devastation the neighborhood endured.

I volunteered out in Mount Juliet back in March. I saw houses flattened….peoples’ livelihood completely uprooted. It was hard to fathom just how something of this magnitude could come and go so quickly. New footage from Stoner Creek Elementary has helped to put that into perspective.

Courtesy of Wilson County Schools on Facebook:

That’s terrifying. It feels pretty close to ‘the blink of an eye and it’s gone.’ It moved so quickly and so forcefully that it had me questioning my understanding of physics. How is this possible!?! Mother Nature, man. Like the reporter said, let’s be thankful this happened at midnight instead of noon.

Most counties across the country are having the not-so-pleasant mask debate right now, and trying to determine when/how kids are going to go back to school. But, here in Tennessee, folks have lost sight of the fact that we weren’t going to send our students back to school as usual, anyway! Masks aside, what on Earth was this city supposed to do about Stoner Creek or West Wilson Middle? Where were these students going to go? I feel for the people that have to try and come up with answers for this kind of stuff.

As a community, we’ve sure as hell been through it this year, huh?

That’s part of the reason it pains me so deeply to log onto Facebook and see people arguing with the vitriol of a pissed off rattlesnake with each other over fucking masks. It wasn’t too long ago that we were all concerned about our neighbors, volunteering in our communities, and checking in on each other.

Where did that unity go? 2020….you motherfucker of a year. Look what you’ve done to us all.

In case you didn’t catch it in the video, this damage is “still in the hands of insurance.” Eventually, we’ll get back to normal. But, seeing this video did cause pause for me….it brought back a little bit of perspective.

Life is fleeting, and even when we disagree, we should be considerate of each other – because everything can be turned upside down within the blink of an eye.

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