Hey Nashville Tourists – Maybe Don’t Cough on the Servers in Town?

 In Nashville

Absolutely WILD take this morning, I know – I am the king of controversy here in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve always been known for my outlandish takes and no one has ever said of me, “ah, that Stoney really tries to play it down the middle.” And, today – I just might have my most breathtaking hot take yet. Specifically speaking to all of the Nashville tourists out there who like to come here and spend their money – maybe…..just maybe….we shouldn’t be spitting and coughing at people.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed News:

Tennessee police are investigating after a member of a bachelorette party in Nashville allegedly deliberately coughed on a restaurant employee Saturday night as they were unhappy about coronavirus guidelines being enforced.

“It’s, at its core, dehumanizing and extremely rude and not acceptable to do to anybody,” restaurant co-owner Mikey Corona told BuzzFeed News. “This person should be held accountable for their actions, to know their action has a ripple effect.”

I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but there happens to be this global pandemic going on. It’s a virus that is mainly transmitted through droplets in yer spittle and whatnot. Maybe someone should have told these bachelorettes about it. It sounds like they had no idea this thing even existed.

But, Mikey here even said, “It’s, at its core, dehumanizing and extremely rude and not acceptable to do to anybody” – doesn’t even mention the fact that this could potentially spread this deadly virus or anything. Like, global COVID-19 pandemic aside, maybe we can all agree that that is taking things just a step too far? It’s one of the most disrespectful things you can do to a person.

So, that’s my polarizing two cents on the matter – maybe we shouldn’t cough and spit on people in general.

As an aside, when the hell did Buzzfeed News become an actual thing?! They even have branding that makes their website look like one of the thousands of washed-up irrelevant newspaper content churn websites out there in 2020. I must’ve missed that memo.

But, anyway, yeah – if you take one thing away from this story, please let it be that we just shouldn’t be coughing at people right now. I wouldn’t think that people need to be told that, but fuck, here we are.

PS. I am well aware I’m not actually the king of controversy, but I am not willing to do what it would take to unseat Jason Steen from that throne.

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