College Football Is in Chaos, but That’s Not Stopping MTSU

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Some disheartening news, to say the least, trickled out over the weekend. I can’t officially report that the 2020 college football season is dead as a journalist….but there seems to be an awful lot of whispering out there from reliable talking heads that the prospects of a season have fallen upon dire straits. We’re essentially being groomed for no football this fall. But, that’s not stopping MTSU from getting their game in against Army! So, if you’re a fan of the Blue Raiders, you can rest a little easier!

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“Director of Athletics Chris Massaro confirmed the Blue Raiders will play five-time national champion Army at West Point, N.Y., in the season opener either Sept. 4 or Sept. 5, depending on television. It will be the first meeting between the two teams.”

Gotta love it – the college football world is in complete and utter chaos right now, but MTSU is just out here like, “we don’t give a fuck.” Players are joining forces and tweeting #WeWantToPlay, and MTSU is actually playing. So, everyone should just transfer, right?! That’s the answer.

MTSU has single-handedly saved the college football season. Imagine Trevor Lawrence ripping it up in Floyd Stadium. Najee Harris steamrolling the entire city of Murfreesboro. That’s what it would take to finally bring a National Championship to MTSU, which is a completely justifiable and not-at-all unrealistic goal for this program.

It doesn’t matter one bit that there’s a global pandemic going on with a virus that we don’t really know a whole lot about. It doesn’t matter that no one really knows what college campuses are going to be like with COVID-19. That stuff is for the doctors and nerds to figure out. We gotta have answers for our football season, and we gotta have ’em NOW!

This MTSU-Army game is bigger than all of that. This is what the people need right now, for better or for worse. This game is going to be on television and these two teams are going to be setting the standard for the season. That’s why this move REEKS of BDE.

This is why they call MTSU the “Harvard of the South.”

Quick question though – if this is the only college football game that’s played this season, does that make it a de facto National Championship?

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