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Dig in, folks – we’re going to keep this running article going to house all of our Nashville restaurant rankings. We’ve done our best to get out and about on the Nashville food scene and in the surrounding areas. Below, you’ll find links to (almost) all of the Nashville reviews I’ve ever written. LFG.

Our Nashville Restaurant Rankings

The Elite

For the sake of clarity, these are not our four favorite restaurants around Nashville. They’re our four favorite spots that we have actual reviews and grades for. For my super official Nashville dining Mount Rushmore, click the link below. On to our four best grades:

Butcher & Bee (8.5/10)full review – “…the word I kept coming back to when describing the food itself was vibrant. The flavor was immense and the texture was perfect. [This is] the highest official grade I’ve given something on a restaurant review we’ve done. This is the perfect spot for date night.”

Nectar: Urban Cantina (8.44)full review – “Living in Hermitage, whether I’m stopping by for a quick lunch, heading out for a date night, or celebrating a friend’s birthday, Nectar is always the first place that comes to mind. You won’t find a more creative and delicious menu East of town, and you won’t find a better bang for your buck. It’s no wonder so many of our readers labeled this the best spot in Nashville. It’s going to be incredibly difficult for them to lose that honor in my book.”

Von Elrod’s (8.17)full review – “I went with the Nashville hot chicken schnitzel…I added a side of the broccoli sriracha slaw and this instantly became one of my favorite meals in town.”

Catch 22 (7.125) full review – “…the greatest meal in Mount Juliet. it’s rare you get a “beer place” that has such a knockout menu. The Cheerwine red pepper wings are an absolute must-get.”

The Great (7+)

Red’s 615 Kitchen (7) full review – “A solid, straight up, and well above average ‘7’ for Red’s 615 Kitchen. How a menu can be simple and diverse at the same time is impressive – even if Nashville hot chicken isn’t your thing, Red’s boasts chicken and waffles, a catfish sandwich, and a BLFGT (bacon, lettuce, fried green tomatoes) that I can’t wait to try in the future. I dare say this has become my favorite food truck in Nashville, and one of my favorite all around meals in town.”

The Good (6-7)

Califarmia (6.93)full review – “All in all, Califarmia brings an elite meal at a solid value. One of my favorite food trucks and dining experiences in the Nashville area.”

Daddy’s Dogs (6.88)full review – “I’ve gone off record and called Daddy’s Dogs some of the best comfort food in the city. I stand by that – whether you get your’s loaded up with all of the fixins, or you just like it plain, this is a physically and emotionally satisfying meal.”

Phat Bites (6.83)full review – “It’s a fun setting, for sure, but this breakfast proved to be one of the heavy hitters in town. An excellent start to the day.”

Rosepepper (6.75)full review – “… deserves to be considered among the upper echelon of Nashville restaurants in terms of value. Plus, the margaritas are the absolute gold standard in the Music City.”

Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven (6.725)full review – “It’s one of the best spots in Hermitage for their down-home Southern cooking and generous portions. I’ve yet to find a dish unsatisfying. Make it one of your Hermitage mainstays.”

Hurt’s Hot Chicken (6.67)full review – “This instantly becomes our highest rated Nashville hot chicken, and deservedly so.”

Chang Noi Thai-Lao (6.65) full review – “If you’re craving pad Thai, this is as good of a meal as you’ll find around. The ingredients all tasted fresh, but let’s be real here – the sauce can make or break a pad Thai….this sauce is the truth.”

Slim Chickens (6.65) full review – “Five wings tossed in mango habanero sauce. Five tendies with the sweet chili sauce on the side. Fries and a slice of Texas toast. $12 – are you kidding me?!?!”

The Glade Diner (6.57) full review – “You go to The Glade Diner for the food, plain and simple. Fairly priced and loaded with down home flavor, there isn’t a substitute for miles.”

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop (6.55) full review – “The best sweets spot around town, in my opinion. It’s dangerous.”

MAFIAoZA’s (6.28/10)full review – “I’m putting MAFIAoZA’s right there in the top 2-5 discussion. It gets the big thumbs up from me.”

Brothers’ Burger Joint (6.25)full review – “…a cool hangout spot with one of the best burgers in town.”

CHIVANADA (6.2/10) full review – “When I say that this was a hearty meal, I mean it was H E A R T Y. But, the flavor – my goodness – I described the carne empanada to my mother as a “taco in a piece of cornbread.””

1 Spudtacular Food Truck (6.15/10) full review – “‘The Smasher’ instantly became one of my favorite binge dishes in the city. I can see this thing hitting especially hard in the fall during football season. If you’re a fan of the potato like me, this truck does ’em right.”

The Grilled Cheeserie (6.06/10)full review – “When you have the craving for something like it, it’s the absolute best.”

Tennessee Cobbler Company (6.05/10)full review – “If you have a sweet tooth, but want something fresh, fruity, and filling, this could be your go-to.”

The Solid (5-6)

The below average and the bad: this might be controversial, and some might say I’m not doing real journalism here, but I’ve excluded those restaurants that have gotten a score of five or below. Those reviews are still live on the site, but I’m not gonna rub anyone’s nose through it twice over by including ’em here. To be completely fair, it’s entirely possible we just caught these spots on a bad night, so I’m not going to keep stirring that kind stuff up.

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