The Titans Can’t Afford Another Bad Year of Kicking

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I recently said on an episode of The Unofficial Titans Podcast that I don’t think there’s a real camp battle at all between Greg Joseph and Tucker McCann. That, it’s definitely Joseph’s job to lose and that he deserves the chance to get out there and take a legit stab at the full time kicking role because of how decently he finished 2019.

Well, sorry to Greg Joseph, but apparently I’ve jinxed you and the black cloud that follows me around is now over your head. That’s just what happens with me – can’t help it. I say something is good, and the next week it’s bad. I say up, the universe pulls down. That sort of thing. I say Joseph has the job, Jim Wyatt reports that things are actually a little more competitive than I initially thought…

Per the LEGEND Jim Wyatt:

Titans kicker Greg Joseph was just 3-of-6 on his field goal tries, and he’s now 31-of-37 during the open practices during camp. Joseph’s final two kicks were from 56 and 58 yards. Kicker Tucker McCann was 5-of-6, and he’s now 32-of-36 in the open periods of practice. McCann hit a 56-yard kick, but was wide left on a 58-yard attempt. McCann has kicked well of late, and this competition is getting more interesting.

Damn it, guys. What THE FUCK?!

Y’all need to sort this out because I don’t think the Titans are going to be lucky enough to make another championship run with a shaky kicking game. Someone has to step up and become THE GUY.

Last year, the Titans lost three games by one possession – 19-17 to the Colts, 14-7 to the Bills, 24-21 to the Texans. The Titans (between Cairo Santos and Ryan Succop) went 1/7 on field goals in that game. They missed a field goal in all three of those games, and Santos went 0/4 against the Bills. Just crazy stuff. Of course, a million things could’ve effected the game differently, but it’s hard not to believe that making some of those field goals could’ve put more wins in the win column in 2019. Hell, they would’ve been 12-4 had they won all three of those games!

Conversely, in those one possession wins from a season ago – the Titans were 3/3 on field goals. Just saying – the fact that they were able to ride things out to the AFC Championship with such a shaky kicking game, in a game that so often comes down to a big field goal or just a few points, feels like an anomaly. Eventually, the luck’s going to run out and the Titans are going to HAVE to make kicks.

Mose and I dive into the Titans kicking situation on the latest episode of The Unofficial Titans Podcast. Check that out here:

Listen to “Ep. 37: Isaiah Wilson Partying, New Signings, Titans Kicking Game” on Spreaker.

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