September 19 – Cheekwood Harvest Is Back, LFG!

 In Nashville

So, something I’m not too proud to admit as 34-year-old Nashville native – I just discovered Cheekwood earlier this year. It was one of those things I always heard people talking about, but never really had the itch to explore. Well, that changed on that fateful June day, when I traversed the beautiful rolling hills and soothing gardens. Now, there’s been some big, big news out of the Cheekwood camp recently that has me stoked to get back out there again some time – the return of Cheekwood Harvest.

Courtesy of WSMV:

The festival will feature two life-sized pumpkin houses, a pumpkin patch and thousands of flowers on display. 

The festival will also feature virtual events like the Virtual Japanese Moon Viewing, Virtual El Dia de los Muertos and a virtual costume contest.

Visitors will be required to wear masks inside buildings, but will not be required to wear them outside on the grounds as long as they practice social distancing from others. 

HELL YEAH! If y’all think for one second that my basic pumpkin ass ain’t chompin’ at the bit to get out here for this, then you are dead ass wrong.

I don’t even own a pair of Uggs, but I’ll fuckin’ FIND SOME before I head out to Cheekwood Harvest. Pumpkin spice latte? Inject that shit DIE-rectly into my veins. Cooler weather on the horizon? Gentle breezes blowing as the leaves fall? A vibrant blast of autumnal colors splashing across the landscape. That’s the shit they write poetry about, y’all. POETRY!

I do have some questions, though – what is a Japanese Moon Viewing? And, is the moon different in Japan than it is here in Nashville? Also, I’m a big vision board guy that is constantly carrying around about four different to-do lists. If there’s a pumpkin patch at Cheekwood Harvest, does that mean I can technically cross ‘pumpkin patch’ off my fall to-do list? I need to know.

I can’t wait for this, though. We’ve been wanting to get out there and check out the Chihuly exhibit for awhile now, and I’ve been running on E for about a month and a half now. I’m ready for the schedule to slow down and enjoy a nice lazy afternoon strolling the gardens and connecting with nature. Probably didn’t expect such a deep appreciation of nature coming from a degenerate sports blogger, huh? I am full of surprises – I promise you.

For more on Cheekwood, check out their site here.

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  • Brittany

    Sobros senior portraits in front of the pumpkin house?

    • Stoney Keeley

      We have to now!

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