Corey Davis Reminded Us of His Potential Last Night

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The Tennessee Titans ventured out to Denver for a date with the Broncos on Monday Night Football last night, and after starting sloppy and rusty as hell, had to scratch and claw their way back to a 16-14 win. There was plenty of criticism to go around in the win, but one of the few incredibly bright spots to come out of that game is the play of 4th-year wide receiver, Corey Davis.

When Davis is healthy and playing well, he shows flashes of being downright dominant. He’s an incredible talent – he’s a solid blocker, he’s physical, he has no problem leaning into conflict and grabbing contested catches, and he can create plays after the catch. That was on full display last night against the Denver Broncos, including this absolutely ridiculous stiff-arm that looks like it was straight out of the Derrick Henry playbook:

When you factor in that he did a lot of this work against A.J. Bouye (who was ruled out in the 2nd half with a shoulder injury) while A.J. Brown was lined up against a rookie defensive back, it’s even more impressive.

He finished with seven catches on eight targets for 101 yards. It was his first 100-yard receiving game since November 11, 2018 against the New England Patriots. He very obviously developed some chemistry with Ryan Tannehill, as Tannehill trusted him to make some hotly contested catches on a couple of occasions.

In the post-game press conference, coach Mike Vrabel noted that the team wanted to “go and attack the football, and Corey did that.” He added, “Corey does a lot of dirty work – to get him out on some of those play passes proved to be helpful.” ‘Physical’ and ‘aggressive’ are definitely two words I’d use to describe Davis’ game last night.

Can you imagine how scary this offense could be if it gets Brown and Davis playing up to their ceilings at the same time? I already believe the Titans are a better passing team than many realize. Tannehill and company are perfectly capable of putting points on the board, and in doing so, they help preserve Henry for later in the season.

But, if Davis continues to play like this, the dominant receiver the Titans drafted him to be, then that could provide a lethal dynamic to opposing defenses.

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