“Get off the field, b*tch!” -Big Jeff

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The Tennessee Titans scratched and clawed to come out of Denver with a nail-biting 16-14 victory over the Denver Broncos in the second half of that Monday Night Football double header last night. While there was definitely plenty to get right before next week, one of the big bright spots was the play of second-year stud defensive tackle, “Big Jeff” Jeffery Simmons.

Dude was absolutely rolling last night, wrecking the Broncos offensive line and pressuring young quarterback Drew Lock. And, when the situation called for it, he was sure to puff out his chest a little bit….like when he was caught telling Jerry Jeudy (I think) to “get off the field, bitch” after the Broncos failed to convert a third down….

GO OFF, BIG JEFF! I see that energy. I love that energy. I support that energy. Let ’em know who owns that field, and who’s winning.

Some people will call this classless, and I am most definitely NOT one of those PEOPLE. I was a terrible trash talker back in my day, but I always appreciated the fine art of it from the guys who could do it well. I always went scorched Earth too quickly – it wasn’t good trash talk. It was more of the ‘shit – is this guy alright?‘ kinda variety. I went from ‘good game’ on one play to ‘Mike Tyson I wanna eat his children’ energy on the very next. I just couldn’t get a knack for it. Instead, I’d wait until I made a play and then hold up my middle finger at everybody as I ran into the endzone. I don’t know – I just always took things too far, and could never master the subtlety of telling someone I just owned them without looking like a total lunatic. So, Big Jeff, I salute you. It doesn’t get much easier and simpler than ‘get off the field, bitch!’

Anyway, Simmons looks like an absolute stud. Dude’s gonna have a MONSTER year.

As for the NFL, well, not having crowd noise in stadiums across the country means that this kinda shit’s gonna happen. You’re gonna hear things you probably don’t want to, and whoever is sittin’ by on that beep button is going to have a LONG season.

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