What exactly is the SoBros Network?


We are a Nashville based content/media company. We’re a comedy brand that focuses on Nashville sports and lifestyle and viral content, along with the entertainment industry. We’ve been around since 2013, writing over 2,800 articles on SoBrosNetwork.com, and producing hundreds of podcasts, live broadcasts, and sketch comedy bits.

Our vision is to bring entertaining and transparent content to a field dominated by sensationalized headlines and clickbait. We, ourselves, are tired of the same old journalism. We enjoy increasing engagement through creating real relationships with the people who read or listen to our work, and we’re hoping to do our part to help make the world a better place in that regard.

We’re hauling in over 20,000 pageviews and just under 2,000 show hits each month in 2018, as our engagement has grown, on average, 390% year over year.


How does a media company like this make money? Like most businesses, in a variety of ways. We sell advertising, through direct ads on the website and sponsored content, for one. But, we also have the SoBros Shop – where we design and produce our own merchandise. We don’t just do one thing.

We are happy to help like-minded people trying to chase their dreams – it’s part of the reason we’re here, and we wouldn’t be here without the help of others. So, we’re always happy to give back, sit down, and have a conversation about the things we’ve learned along the way. Our specialties include:

  • Branding
  • Content creation
  • Editing
  • Marketing
  • Social Media


Outside of simply slapping an ad on the website (which we’re happy to do), there are a number of other ways you can promote your brand with SoBros Network.

  • Branded content – want us to create some content to promote your product/establishment?
  • Name a feature – we have several weekly/monthly features on the site – want to put your brand name on one of ’em?
  • Sponsored posts – have an article you want to run on SoBros Network?
  • Social media push – want us to talk about you on our social media accounts?
  • Freelance writing – SURPRISE! We’re actually good writers when we’re serious. Hire us to write something for you.

For current rates, or to chat about how we can put the SoBros brand to work for you, e-mail us at thesobrosnetwork@gmail.com


E-mail: thesobrosnetwork@gmail.com
Stoney Keeley, Founder and Editor in Chief:
 @StoneyKeeley on Twitter

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