The Clutch Hall of Fame was established by SoBros Network in 2016 as a way to honor the recipients who best exemplify the traits of courage, perseverance, and determination in the face of adversity.

Inductee #1: This baby lizard

It was in watching this very moment that we knew we had to create a Clutch Hall of Fame, even if only for this lizard. There’s absolutely no reason on Earth for this lizard to have made it away safely, but he really came through in the clutch. Amazing.

Inductee #2: Daniel Miller

Full story here“An Australian man has survived spending hours struggling to keep his nose above water after his excavator rolled into a waterhole. Daniel Miller, 45, had been riding the machine at his remote property 300km (180 miles) north of Sydney. When the edge of the dam gave way, the farmer was pinned down by a bar on the three-tonne excavator.”

Inductee #3: Ray Woodhall

Full story here“Here we have a 54 year old man going into cardiac arrest and dying 27 times, but somehow making it through.”

Inductee #4: This rabbit

Full story here “A bird of prey in Russia was left searching for a different meal when its chosen target, a particularly scrappy hare, turned out to be more trouble than it was worth.”

Inductee #5: James Neal

Full story here“Forward James Neal suffered a broken hand during Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Anaheim Ducks on May 12. He scored the overtime winner in that game, but had two goals in his next 11 games. In the post-series handshake line Sunday, Neal kept his right hand in his glove as he congratulated the Pittsburgh Penguins. “He had to get it shot up every game just to be able to play,” Poile said.”

Inductee #6: Hal Mumme

Full story here“During last weekend’s game Dallas Renegades offensive coordinator Hal Mumme took a shot from Cameron Artis-Payne, and as it turned out, he BROKE HIS FUCKING LEG….but finished the game.”

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