A Nation In Turmoil: Basil, Where Are You?

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Protests, twitter wars, and relentless media.  What’s happening to this great nation?  Every day, a new disaster or controversy floods our TVs, social media, and workplaces.  How did we get here?  Could this have been avoided?

The answer is simple….yes.  

Had we only elected Basil Marceaux in the 2010 Tennessee Governor’s race, there’s no telling how far we could’ve sent him on the political catapult.  A man who firmly believed in the Pledge of Allegiance and planting grass in vacant lots, who knows how many great things he could’ve done for Tennessee as well as our entire nation.

The last time I saw Basil, he was speaking on stage at a Ying-Yang Twins concert outside of 12th and Porter, true story.  I’ll never forget his speech that was followed up with “She got a Bubbly-Butt”.

Will we see him again in the upcoming Governor’s race?  This SoBro hopes so.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with his WSMV appearance and enjoy a much simpler time.  While we’re at it, let’s all get along, stop being assholes to each other, and learn how to gain a sense of humor again.  Love you all.

Cadbury Pringlebatch is the Lead Motorcycle Expert and Investment Analyst for The SoBros Network, but knows a little bit about everything. Known for frequenting Nashville YMCA steam rooms, he’s a firm believer that winning football is produced by moving the chains, and became a SoBro after mistaking one of our podcasts for an AA meeting. Follow on Twitter: @SoBroCadbury

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