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Oh, hey – we are the SoBros. We have been ranked as Nashville’s greatest source of laughs, movies, Tennessee Titans, and every other engaging topic in history of all time of ever by Encyclopedia Britannica. The Associated Press labeled us as Nashville’s brightest young minds, and Tom Arnold once said we were funny (this part’s actually true).

Read your piece. U guys R actually very funny. Made me laugh. We need that. Good luck 2U. Also what I said 100%. Research it.
Tom Arnold (@TomArnold)
October 31, 2016

We’re a network of writers and podcasters built for chuckles and refinement is indeed optional, folks. We just have fun (and we do curse…a lot…), and we want you to have fun with us.

If you’re reading this page because you want to get to know the handsome devils who are pouring out that #CONTENT for you guys, well, come on in. We’re always happy to make a new friend, and we’re always willing to welcome y’all on in. There’s that whole ‘building community’ thing again.

We’ve all been described as vulgar, inappropriate, degenerates, hilarious, beautiful, charismatic, heathens, classless, classy, nice, smoldering, voluptuous, drunks, scumbags, saints, and best of all, girthy.

We’re honestly hoping to make the world a better place through our own brand of humor and entertainment. Maybe that’s sad? Maybe that’s hopeless? No one knows. Read at your own risk.

Meet the SoBros

“Big Natural” Stoney Keeley (@StoneyKeeley)
Title: Founder, Editor In Chief

Debut: 2013

"Big Natural" Stoney Keeley

Stoney Keeley founded the SoBros Network in 2013 after years of wanting to write things his way, using his voice, and having his own sense of creative freedom. Plus, the entrepreneurial side of launching a media company has always been a fun puzzle for him to figure out. More on that here.

He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University (aka the Harvard of the South) class of 2008. With a degree in Psychology, Big Natural knows how to put your mind in a pretzel. It’s kind of magic. I think they wrote the series Mindhunter about it. More so, he knows about the sports ball (Titan Up, Roll Tide), the WWE, and considers himself an expert in having a good time…..

If he was a comedian, all of Big Natural’s jokes would somehow come back to butt-chugging. Coincidentally, this is also why Big Natural is not a stand-up comic.

Stoney has covered the Tennessee Titans for Pro Football Spot and Titan Sized, the WWE for, Alabama football for Bama Hammer. He’s been featured twice on Outkick The Coverage, once on Bleacher Report, and once on FOX Sports. He has been known to enjoy the smell of seasonal candles…citing “a real man does what he wants regardless of what people think.”

This is our Founder and EIC, folks.

Brandon Vick (@SirBrandonV)
Title: Film Critic, Co-Host: The Vick’s Flicks Podcast

Debut: 2013

Brandon Vick

Brandon Vick is the SoBros resident movie critic, and is a member of the Music City Film Critics Association. He’s covered film festivals here in Nashville, and in Chattanooga and Atlanta. We’re always looking for somewhere new to send our guy.

A student of film for nearly 20 years, Brandon graduated from MTSU with a degree in Electronic Media Production. Having minored in Film Studies, his appreciation for the art of film extends to the origin of the craft. He also began watching movies at age four, when he escaped the zoo where he was held captive throughout the early years of his life.

He’s well-practiced.

If Mr. Vick had put all the money he’s spent on movie tickets into a 401k, he’d likely be on a beach sipping margaritas instead of runnin’ round with this bunch. You name a movie: he can give you a review of it. But, hell, we’re happy to have him.

Known for his outlandish sense of humor, Brandon is the type of guy you have to warn your friends about before they meet him. Brandon and Stoney met in the first grade, when they were the only two kids in class left crying when their parents left.

Oh, you think that’s funny? Well, why don’t you try finding a lifelong friend that you still keep in touch with? That’s what I thought.

Awards and accomplishments: 2017 SoBro of the Year (Entertainment), 2017 Recurring Feature of the Year (Movie Review Rewind), 2018 SoBro of the Year, 2018 Recurring Feature of the Year (Movie Review Rewind), 2020 Recurring Feature of the Year (Movie Review Rewind), 2020 Event Coverage of the Year (Film festivals: Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, SXSW, New York), SoBros Charity Club

Cad P (@SoBroCadbury)
Title: Operations Manager, Lifestyle and Travel Writer
Debut: 2013

Cad P

Cadbury Pringlebatch is the real wild card of the bunch. He once stumbled onto the set of a Power Hour podcast thinking it was an AA meeting. The SoBros studio could not be further from an AA meeting, but we accepted him regardless. He’s kind of a savant when it comes to investing, tech, music, culture, and really everything.

We’re willing to look past his affinity for YMCA steam rooms in exchange for the great content he provides. Of course, Cadbury knows that the way to win in life (and football) is to move the chains.

If only he’d stop putting googly eyes on everything in the studio.

Awards and accomplishments: 2017 Article of the Year (Funny As Hell), 2020 Article of the Year (Actual Writing), SoBros Charity Club


Rooster (@SoBroRooster)
Title: History Columnist, Co-Host: Phone It In
Debut: 2015


Rooster is, quite simply, a wealth of knowledge. I have no idea how she ended up running around with this ragtag bunch of thought-bandits, but she’s here, and hey – we’re probably all better for it. The author of our ‘History Lesson‘ column, Rooster is well-versed in any kind of history ever, and has put that history degree to good use. No kidding – when someone uses one of your articles to build a lesson plan or as an answer to a Quora question, you know you’ve arrived.

She’s also stepped up with her exclusive podcast, Phone It In, on which the EIC and she dive into some fun stuff. The duo covers everything from the weird and supernatural to historical figures and social phenomenon. It’s a one of a kind show on the SoBros Network.

Rooster has been and will always be the steady voice of reason on this site. I dare anyone on Earth to win an argument with her – the unquestioned secret weapon of the SoBros Network.

Awards and accomplishments: 2019 Article of the Year (Actual Journalism), SoBros Charity Club

Brittany Fernandez (@brittbutspooky)
Title: Lifestyle Writer
Debut: 2019

Brittany Fernandez

Booze, Blood, and Books.

Brittany Fernandez likes to paint with a broad brush when it comes to her work with SoBros Network. She graduated from Austin Peay State University (Go Peay!) in 2012 with a degree in Media Technology. But, please don’t ask her what that means because she isn’t entirely sure.

With a love of all things kooky and spooky, Brittany has offered her opinions on horror movies during seasonal episodes of Drinking With.. and the Vicks Flicks Podcast. And if you need some help coming up with an itinerary for the Halloween season, she’s got you covered.

Brittany is also part owner of Danger Zone Video in Mount Juliet, TN and you can catch her there recommending the 2005 low budget classic Doll Graveyard to all the patrons.

Awards and accomplishments: 2020 SoBro of the Year, 2020 Article of the Year (Social Media/Pageviews), SoBros Charity Club

Steven McCash (@MC_Cash75)
Title: Music Columnist, Utility Man
Debut: 2019

Steven McCash

Steven McCash is a lot like Ado Annie Carnes from the Rodgers and Hemmerstein musical Oklahoma. He is simply a boy who can’t say no. Steven is always up for helping the team out in any way he can. Whether it be jumping on a podcast at the last second, or packing up and hitting the road to cover the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Steven is always up to the challenge.

McCash is the Music Columnist for the SoBros Network and the pioneer of New Music Friday, a weekly look at some of the new releases in music. Steven covers live concerts throughout the area as well as the occasional touring Broadway show to come through TPAC. He is the co-host of College Football Roundup, plus the host and the creator of “Drinking With…”, a movie review podcast about movies turning the legal drinking age.

Steven has been a credentialed member of the media for the Nashville Film Festival and Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival. Covering music, movies, the arts, sports, weird news, and local restaurants has earned Steven the title of the SoBros ‘Utility Man.’

Fun fact: Steven saw Prince in concert 38 times. Follow on Twitter: @MC_Cash75

Awards and accomplishments: 2021 SoBro of the Year, 2020 SoBros Rookie of the Year, 2020 Video of the Year (Ten Count), 2021 SoBros Game Terminal Olympics Champion, SoBros Charity Club member

Outspoken Owen Reed (@OutspokenOwen)
Title: Co-Host, Unofficial Titans Podcast
Debut: 2020

Outspoken Owen Reed

Outspoken Owen is a man of many interests. A Nashville native, he enjoys the simple things in life, whether it’s getting to the movie theaters thirty minutes early for the trivia, watching Titans football or pro wrestling, or enjoying some stand-up comedy. Owen often makes his thoughts and feelings well evident, and uses the SoBros Network platform as his exclusive means of public expression.

There’s a yin and a yang to all of these personalities. We just hope you find something to hold onto in here.


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