I’m Going to Write About the Naked Guy on I-40 Anyway

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So, this happened over a week ago. I know. But, give me a break. I was still on my holiday hiatus. By the time I got back into the office full-time, I felt like the cycle had passed. No one wants to be the one reporting week old news. In fact, I even cursed the naked guy on I-40 for pulling this stunt while I was OOO. Why should I have to miss the good shit just because I was taking some time to refocus and rejuvenate?

But, I’ve since had a change of heart. Opportunities to write about stuff like this happening in my own neck of the woods are few and far between. Looking into the past, I was right when I said this was tailor made for SoBros Network. I don’t care if it happened over a week ago, this was crazy as shit! So, LFG.

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram takes this down.

I love the Lyft driver just proclaiming, “naked person! naked person! naked person!” Like, he’s just completely broken – computer says no. He has no idea how to comprehend what he is witnessing so he just repeats the same thing over and over.

To be fair, I don’t know how I would’ve reacted to this. Maybe I just freeze. Maybe I zone out and inadvertently run the guy over. So many things that could happen.

I’ve never tried meth, but if it makes you want to take your clothes off and play in traffic, I think that’s a major red flag that it isn’t good for you. Hopefully this dude gets the help he needs. Also, props to this man running out in the road to tell the meth guy to get out of the road. If I were in his position, I probably would’ve just been like, “nah I ain’t fuckin with that – homie’s on his own. He belongs to Bangkok now.”

In all seriousness, my mother and I were talking about stuff like this the other night – what has happened to our quiet little small town life? Carjackings, robberies, now we got naked dudes running down the interstate. Definitely starting to see that with the growth of our city, all the weird shit that happens in a big city is coming with it.

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