So, I Finally Gave in and Decided to Try the Burger King $1 Tacos…

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Let me start off by telling you WHY I wanted to try the Burger King $1 tacos. It may sound weird, but just hang in there…

I’d see videos on Twitter of people eating these things. If I’m being honest, they didn’t look great. Then I heard there was no sauce. BUT! What got me was the noise I’d hear on the first bite. That crunch! It sounded incredible. I knew I was going to try these.

I finally decided that this was the day. We jumped in the car and off we went. We get to Burger King and I’m met with a giant “SURGE IS HERE” sign. I knew that would come into play later. We were up to order. I got two tacos. I figured two would give me a very fair shot at deciding how I felt about this. Full disclosure: I also got an order of chicken fries just in case these were pure trash. We had to pull up and wait for quite some time because they were preparing “fresh tacos.” 

We finally got home. I couldn’t wait. The first things I ate were the tacos. Now, on Twitter, Mance Warner told me that these are just like the crappy tacos you can find at a gas station at 3AM. Boy, he wasn’t wrong. They have that gas station/microwave taste, which makes no sense since Burger King is not a gas station.

I made it through the first one and said “I get it.”

Then, the second one. I’m not sure what kind of witchcraft is involved with these tacos, but that second one was WAY better than the first. 

In conclusion, I’d probably knock back an alarming amount of these things. Not sure what that says about me as a person, but here we are. For $1, you really can’t beat it. It doesn’t try to be a gourmet taco. It’s pure fast, trash food and I love it.

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