Crux Wrestling Brings Unparalleled Energy With Tuesday Night Twitter Fights

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Last night, October 8th, was the second installment of Crux Wrestling’s Tuesday Night Twitter Fights (#cruxtntf). The event took place at the Gypsy Joe Arena (home of SWF & WOMBAT) in Tullahoma, TN.

Matches we saw:

  • Brett Ison vs Patrik Heeter
  • David Morton vs “The Gypsy Scum” Nolan Edwards
  • Cody Morton vs Kerry Awful
  • Lutha X vs Uncle Byf w/ Mama Hannah
  • And the main event: Brett Ison vs Derek Neal

The event was live streamed via Crux Wrestling’s Twitter- @cruxwrestling

Over the last two and a half years, I’ve worked for a lot of wrestling promotions. Some with incredible production and some that were just starting out and scraping by. To me, pro wrestling and punk rock go hand in hand. I think anyone who’s heard me ring announce wouldn’t dispute that. Last night felt like the dirtiest punk show I could go to rolled into a grass roots, guerrilla style, Twitter takeover wrestling show. And I mean that as the highest compliment. 

Last night, we were in a room full of people with heart, passion, and drive. From the wrestlers to the fans. This was a room whose energy can’t be matched. 

Typically at Crux, the students and trainers spend their time going over drills, practicing matches, and learning psychology of wrestling. But now, two Tuesdays have been dedicated to giving them actual matches in front of a live audience via Twitter and Periscope. 

This is very reminiscent of the Beyond Wrestling sleeper cell tapings and the Ring of Champions tapings. All of these people want to get better at their craft, so they carve the time out to get better. Some came from Alabama. Some came from Kentucky. We all came to work together and elevate one another.

This event was unlike any event I’ve been apart of. It felt perfect because of everyone involved. I encourage you to join us for the next edition of Crux Wrestling Tuesday Night Twitter Fights on 10/22. 

Remember, your phone is the key.

-RighteousJesse (Twitter)

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