Silas Mason Set to Appear in Popular Trucker Publication

"Thrillbilly" Silas Mason, one half of The Mason Dixon Line, took to Twitter yesterday to break some news about his appearance in a trucker magazine.

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“The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason, one half of The Mason Dixon Line (also known as “The Best Damn Tag Team God Ever Made”) broke some huge news over on the Twitter gimmick yesterday.

Mason showed up in a scramble match at SUP’s Nice Night for a Neck Injury, and quickly won over the crowd. Then, he and partner Devan Dixon took on IFHY at Stay Cold. It certainly looks like this tag team is finding its footing here in Middle Tennessee. Now, it would appear as though Mason is going to take the next step towards become a pop culture phenomenon. He’s slated to be featured in the popular publication for truckers, Trucker Sluts Monthly.

I actually almost said this was far too steamy for me, in good conscience, to run on SoBros Network. I mean, there’s going to be a lot of babies being born nine months from this publication hitting shelves. I know I’m running the risk of overpopulating Nashville by publishing this news. But, I am what you’d call a “responsible journalist.” This is an important story, and ultimately, it’s my duty to give the good people of Nashville their news.

In short, this is what pure sex looks like, folks.

Obviously, this is big. So big that I’d say that you could draw a parallel between The Rock’s transition from wrestling to Hollywood here. It’s only a matter of time for Mason.

2020 seems to be going great for The Mason Dixon line so far. First, they were listed on our annual ‘guys to watch‘ list for 2020. Now, Silas Mason is getting the opportunity to spread them cheeks for the millions of truckers that subscribe to Trucker Sluts Monthly to see.

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