Chattanooga Film Festival 2020: Live Events

Brittany Fernandez attended the 'Women In Horror' and 'Keeping Sets Safe' panel discussions from the 2020 Chattanooga Film Festival - check out her thoughts on each here!

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Last Friday morning, when my eyes popped open, I was immediately ready to take on the day. I stretched, let the dog out, poured myself a cup of coffee, and made my way to the Chattanooga Film Festival. Only I didn’t have to drive two hours and past Ruby Falls to get there. The festival was going to happen in my house. I gathered my snacks and started to plan out my day.


Women In Horror: Sophie Carroll, the head of programming at ALTER, moderates a live discussion about women in horror with some women in horror. This was the festival’s first live event for the weekend, so there were some technical difficulties in the beginning. The women overcame though, and brought us some insightful discussions about how women are portrayed in horror- whether it be as the villain or the hero.

They had some interesting dialogue about women as villains and how outplayed the villainous drive is – they’re either moms, seeking revenge for rape, or some aspect of sex is involved. The group of women also discussed how they face constant sexism in the industry. Like I previously mentioned, there were some technical difficulties, so some of the audio was cutting in and out. I would love to find a complete transcript of this discussion somewhere, because I think it would be a vital learning tool for everyone in the horror community.

Keeping Sets Safe: A Frank Discussion by Women About Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harrassment in Film Production: When I saw this was a live event scheduled for Friday, I made sure to tune in. I work in film production and have seen harassment firsthand. I’ve seen studios handle it in a professional manner, and I have seen it get swept under the rug.

Two of the most captivating women in horror were among the group of women for this discussion, Barbara Crampton and Gigi Saul Guerrero, so I was hanging on their every word. These two women have fought their way to leadership roles in film and I feel like anyone in the community would benefit from shutting up and listening to them share their experiences. The panelists also touch on what resources studios and unions have to offer for anyone dealing with harassment, and how to manage it on smaller budget projects. This panel is a must-listen for anyone navigating the world of production.

Conclusion: I absolutely loved my virtual experience with the Chattanooga Film Festival. I’m grateful that they were able to overcome the current climate of the world and still provide access to all of this amazing art. I can only imagine how incredible the atmosphere is being at the actual festival in person.

Also, being a woman in film and drawn to the world of horror, I could probably gush all day about the female-led projects and discussions I watched. Although, the best part is that I didn’t even have to put pants on.

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