Nashville Reviews: Califarmia

Stoney Keeley hits up the Califarmia food truck on the latest edition of Nashville Reviews.

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Califarmia has been one of my favorite Nashville food trucks for quite awhile now. I stumbled upon them at an Oktoberfest one year, tried the burrito, and sure enough – I heard harps and saw unicorns. Thought I had legitimately died and gone to heaven.

Since then, I’ve tried the tacos, the coconut bang-bang bowl (aces), and the poblano burger, which I’ll be writing about today. With the pandemic setting in, I’ve been opting to review a lot of the food trucks in the area instead of the usual restaurants on our ‘Best of Nashville’ list. You can check out the daily maps from Let’s gooooooo.

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Food: 7.8/10 – Is it fair to grade this on the totality of my Califarmia experiences when technically, this should only be about the burger? Probably, but fuck it – this is my website. I make the rules. So, when I dole out a 7.8 (and I don’t do so lightly), I’m talking about the burger, the burrito, the tacos, and everything else I’ve had from this place in the past. It is phenomenal.

It feels somewhat counterintuitive to get a burger from a taco truck. But, let me tell you something – Califarmia’s poblano burger is instantly one of my favorites in the city. Porter Road Butcher grassfed beef, guac, grilled onions and poblano peppers, and pepper jack cheese – all cooked together like a brilliant diner burger with a creative kick.

Also, worth noting that the best burrito I’ve ever had in my life was ordered out in San Francisco. Califarmia’s burrito is the closest I’ve ever come to replicating that experience here in Tennessee. That’s high praise, folks.

Value: 6.3/10 – Listen, you ain’t goin’ to Taco Bell or anything, but it’s also a solid value when compared to some of the other elite taco spots around the city. One night, I fed four people for under $50 (tip included – no drinks). That ain’t too shabby at all.

Atmosphere: 6.7/10 – I usually don’t offer ‘atmosphere’ grades for food trucks, but I gotta tip my cap to these folks for creating a nice little space out in the Old Hickory area. I’m not sure if it’s open all the time, so it’s best to check the website. But, it’s a nice little hideaway with picnic tables in a gravel lot, with decorative lighting. It’s a charming little place to catch a meal when the weather’s nice.

Overall: 6.93/10 – All in all, Califarmia brings an elite meal at a solid value. One of my favorite food trucks and dining experiences in the Nashville area. Not too much more I can say than that.


  1. Butcher & Bee (8.5/10)
  2. Nectar: Urban Cantina (8.44/10)
  3. Von Elrod’s (8.17/10)
  4. Catch 22 (Mount Juliet) (7.125/10)
  5. Red’s 615 Kitchen (7/10)

*Keep in mind, we’re just starting out. This list is only 35 deep at this point. Stay tuned as we continue to build our anthology of Nashville reviews.

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