Old Nashville Continues to Die As Demos’ Closes Downtown Location

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Okay, guys – New Nashville is just getting out of control. There’s nothing us locals can do to stop it anymore. Now, they’re closing down the Demos’ location downtown. I have so many memories in that place. It used to be one of…what? Like, two…TWO…places downtown we could get into when we were all teenagers. It was sort of ground zero for what we considered a “night out” at the time. We’d go to Demos’ and then go play freeze tag at Riverfront Park, listening to all the live music going on around us. No, we were not losers. We were FUCKING CHAMPIONS.

Last year, when we went out to celebrate our resident film critic Brandon Vick’s birthday, take a WILD guess where the birthday boy wanted to go for dinner! That’s right – all the dining options downtown, and Brandon goes Demos’. That’s what this place meant to the SoBros team.

Again, not weird at all to love Demos’ downtown this much. We’re completely normal human beings and Nashvillians. Actually, champions….right….forgot that. Anyway…

Courtesy fo NewsChannel5:

Another popular downtown restaurant is closing its doors. Demos’ has been part of the scene for nearly 30 years, and anyone who’s lived in Nashville for any length of time has probably had a chance to grab a meal at Demos’.

Haters will say ‘good riddance,’ but I say that’s inappropriate. You guys have no respect for the history of this fine city. Every day, it seems like some old relic of Old Nashville is being torn down for CONDOS. I’m usually all for it – I love the economic growth. I love living in a destination city where I can play tour guide for friends and family coming into town to visit for a few days. I love Nashville and the rise its taken among the southern cities.

But, where will Brandon go on his birthday now? This is like an icon of our childhood dying. So much sadness, I don’t know if my heart can take it.

All I can say is y’all better stay THE FUCK away from the Old Spaghetti Factory. If I can’t get my quality sghetti, then I’m gonna start rioting in the streets.

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