Nashville Reviews: Tennessee Tatercakes

Stoney Keeley tracks down the Tennessee Tatercakes food truck on the latest edition of Nashville Reviews.

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In case you guys missed it, the one year anniversary of Big Rona’s impact upon our lives has come and gone on. Also, did you guys know it’s been a tough year? Let me remind you of that since no one else is doing it. Anyway, a lot of bad shit has happened in the last year – but I’d be lying if I said that no good came out of the last year either. With restaurants shut down, it forced us to get creative in our quest to provide ordinary food reviews for ordinary people. I started doing the Nashville Food Truck Watch, and my fiancé and I started tracking down food trucks out here east of town to do reviews last Spring. Maybe this is sad and you’ll thinking, “damn, Stoney – get a life,” but that gave me something to look forward to at a time when most everything was doom and gloom. So, thinking about all of this a weekend ago, we decided to fire up BestFoodTrucks (though, I’ve been pointed to Street Food Finder as well, which seems more accurate – I’m just trying to be a good journalist and tell y’all how we found ’em) and see if anything was near our neighborhood out in the Mount Juliet area. I wanted to get back at it.

Lo and behold, Tennessee Tatercakes was parked up in Wright Farms. “Fuck yeah, we’ve got ourselves a Sunday evening,” I thought, sitting in the Target parking lot looking over the menu. Tennessee Tatercakes was one of the trucks I had really been hoping to try over the last year, but just hadn’t found the right time and place. I was ecstatic to see it work out on that fateful Sunday evening – not to mention, a good solid lap around Target can work up an appetite.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “dafuq is a tatercake?” I’m not sure I can answer that question justly. But, I’m going to give it a shot – imagine a fried patty of mashed potatoes, eaten with a fork and knife. I don’t know – it’s like a damn country fried steak made out of mashed potatoes instead of…y’know…steak. The tatercake itself is the anchor of the dish, but it’s what you top it with that really makes the meal. I’ve posted a pic of their menu below, but holy shit – just about anything you’d want with your tater is available, AND some stuff you didn’t know you’d want on a tater. It’s a testament to the creative culinary minds behind Tennessee Tatercakes. And really, we need to give a quick shout out to the potato too for being one of the most versatile vegetables out there.

Aura went with The Tradish – we felt like someone needed to try the basic style in order to have a strong jumping-off point to the rest of the menu. The Tradish is topped with cheddar cheese, brown sugar bourbon bacon, sour cream, and chives – a solid variation of the standard baked potato. I, on the other hand, was feeling ready to risk it all (my heart health, especially…) and went with The Mack Attack after much deliberation (The Jud Spud was the runner-up that day). The Mack Attack is topped with mac and cheese and fresh jalapenos, and drizzled with BBQ sauce.

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Food: 8/10 – Can’t recall giving out that ‘8/10’ too many times before, but this is a gut reaction thing, and my gut reaction upon finishing my meal was that this belongs in the elite category of SoBros-reviewed restaurants/food trucks. This is serious business that we do here at SoBros Network – not to be taken lightly. The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the texture. The Mack Attack has a little bit of everything – creamy mac and cheese, the crunch of the tatercake itself, the crisp bite of a jalapeno, and then the smoothness of the potatoes inside the tatercake. I don’t know how else to describe it – you experience a lot of different things with this one. The Mack Attack is like a Major League pitcher that has an arsenal of different pitches.

But, then – I noticed the flavor. Again, really hearty and fulfilling notes from the taters and the mac and cheese. But, I love a little heat in just about anything I eat. The jalapenos were a perfect addition – not overbearing in the slightest, but just enough to give it a kick. It was the BBQ sauce that really tied the whole thing together for me, though. It gave this dish a slight tang that provided a sort of balance to it. Hearty, creamy, cheesy, spicy, tangy, smoky – The Mack Attack runs the gamut of flavor. I’ll add that Aura liked The Tradish, but she ain’t the writer in the household so I guess we’ll just leave it at that.

To look as heavy as these tatercakes look, they were surprisingly light. Maybe that says more about my stomach than the tatercakes (I could probably digest a car battery), but it was a huge bonus in my book to come away feeling satisfied but not in a coma. Especially when you consider that most food truck food you get is going leave a puddle of grease behind, I felt like this was something that deserved specific recognition. Point is, when I looked at the menu, I ordered food fully expecting to feel like shit for a little while after it. Nope – never happened. I could’ve run a marathon actually (that’s a lie – I have terrible knees).

As for my bite of The Tradish, I don’t know what they do to that bacon, but I could’ve eaten enough of it to give myself heart attack, and would probably willfully do that if left unsupervised.

Value: 5.7/10 – They’re right in line with that solid “you get what you pay for” category. I spent about $30, tax and tip included (both of our orders were doubles). Keep in mind, you can always be a cheap fuck and skimp on the tip, though I would not recommend that. Don’t be an asshole. I would say, though, that your perception of value is probably going to depend on what you’re wanting out of Tennessee Tatercakes – like, it’s a bit pricey for a snack, but if this is your din-din, then it’s a solid value, in my opinion.

*Note – I usually add ‘booze’ and ‘atmosphere’ to my ratings categories, but that’s kinda hard to do with a food truck, so we’re just going to roll with it. *shrugs*

Overall: 6.85/10 – Yeah, this instantly became one of my favorite food trucks in the area. Looking at our rankings, it’s our third best rating for a food truck yet, and it actually cracked the top 10 restaurant ratings overall. I would undoubtedly put this up there with the best food trucks runnin’ around Nashville, and would happily go as far as to say it’s one of the most unique and comforting meals around town.


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