My Top Five QBs Heading into the 2021 NFL Draft

Stoney Keeley offers up his initial list of the five best quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Hell yeah, folks. The 2021 NFL Draft is right around the corner, and it’s time to catch up to literally every other sports site on the internet and start firing up our draft coverage. I’m electing to start with the quarterbacks because that’s the sexy shit. That’s the franchise player that’s going to set your team on the path to the Super Bowl. All that jazz – you guys know. This is my rough draft, the first list of the year – so, it’s a high surface level overview of my take on this 2021 quarterback class. I haven’t really dug into the film as much. So,

Top Five QBs of the 2021 NFL Draft Class

5. Kyle Trask – I would not touch Trey Lance with a ten-foot pole in the first round (no offense Trey Lance). I’m nervous about the level of competition. But y’know, talking about Trask, there’s something to be said for the good old-fashioned pocket passer. In this day and age, when everyone’s looking for the next Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, a guy like Tom Brady is still winning Super Bowls. People are sleeping on Trask because he’s certainly not going to dazzle you as a runner – but, he’s shown some solid awareness in the pocket, a naturally gifted arm, and he’s played well in big time SEC games. Folks seem to be writing him off because he’s not a dynamic play-maker, but I think he could surprise some people in the right situation in the NFL.

4. Zach Wilson – Call me crazy – some people have talked about this dude belonging ahead of Trevor Lawrence, which is absurd – but I just don’t buy the hype quite yet. Did you guys know Wilson plays baseball? That, therefore, makes him the next Patrick Mahomes. I say it tongue-in-cheek obviously, but I don’t mean to demean Wilson’s capability. I think there are four solid NFL starters in this quarterback class and Wilson is one of ’em. While I certainly acknowledge the arm talent and precision here, I just don’t see the dynamic runner many claim him to be. He’s a guy I look forward to diving into as the draft season goes on (that’s what she said).

3. Justin Fields – I’ve admittedly been fooled by Ohio State quarterbacks before. Longtime friends of the brand, feel free to do your victory lap over my doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on Dwayne Haskins. But, I love the x-factor with Fields. We watched that kid play his guts out against Clemson. I think he is the most dynamic runner of this class, and he has a wealth of natural arm talent. For Fields, it’s the consistency in the mental aspects of the game that you hope he works out at the next level. He needs to tighten up his pocket awareness, and progressing through his reads. We need to see the Fields that rocked Clemson on a regular basis…not the guy that struggled against Northwestern.

2. Mac Jones – Yep. Y’all are gonna drag my ass. Go on ‘head. People seem to keep betting against Mac Jones, and he seems to keep making ’em look foolish. The Tide was supposed to take a huge step back after Tua Tagovailoa left for the NFL, but all Jones did was helm this team to a historic National Championship season. He’s a heady player – decisive, smart, and competitive. Sure, he had a tremendous supporting cast at Alabama, but what kind of talent do y’all think he’s going to be around in the NFL? His arm is good enough to win with. I think he’s pretty damn solid as a well-rounded quarterback prospect. This kid’s going to go to work, and he’s going to succeed…because that’s how he’s wired.

1. Trevor Lawrence – Can’t miss….I mean, what else is there to say about Trevor Lawrence that hasn’t already been said? This dude has been heralded as the most sure thing to come out of college football since Andrew Luck. And, for good reason – he’s accurate (especially throwing deep balls into tight coverage). He’s composed. He’s got the pure talent – he’s smart with the football. Trevor Lawrence looks more pro-ready than any quarterback I’ve seen in the last 20 years. This one’s easy as pie.

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