Yankee Candle Reviews: Lucky Shamrock

Stoney Keeley reviews the 'Lucky Shamrock' scent on the latest edition of Yankee Candle reviews.

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St. Patrick’s Day is here, and I gotta post this with enough time left for y’all to storm the gate at Yankee Candle and pick up some Lucky Shamrock of your own if you want. Get your car keys ready for this one, because you’re probably immediately going to want to get in and go after reading this.

And, yes – we’re reviewing Yankee Candle scents on the site now. It’s one of the deepest of my passions in life, and has been since I first walked into the Yankee Candle in Mount Juliet back in 2006. Make your jokes, but we all know the scents of the season make you feel more festive, and in turn, happier. There’s no legitimate psychology on that, but I do have a degree in psychology, so I’m going to count that statement nonetheless.

Today, we’re talking about Lucky Shamrock, one of the St. Patrick’s Day scents that has come through the pipeline at Yankee through the years. It is the best of them all, though – at least in this one candle blogger’s opinion. It’s fresh, and heavy on the grass scent, but there’s an element of moisture to it that hammers the whole thing home. It’s like happening upon a fresh spring in the middle of a hike through the forest on an early spring day.

Calm down, though – it’s not just the famous fragrance, Green Grass. Do NOT worry about harshing your summer vibe. This smells like St. Patrick’s Day grass, and it’s been gently kissed by the morning dew, no less. This is what leprechauns wear as cologne.

Lucky Shamrock has the earthy scent profile, for sure, but it’s the perfect candle to come out of hibernation with. You’ve been burning your Harvest, Home for the Holidays, Sparkling Cinnamon, and Hot Buttered Rum for months now. Lucky Shamrock is a nice transition into the warmer season and the floral scents that come with the spring. It perfectly captures the essence of St. Patrick’s Day – getting so shitfaced that you pass out in a ditch and wake up the smells of a brisk Spring morning. There is no doubt that you’ll want to buy this candle now, but in the event you’re still on the fence about it, you can catch my full Yankee Candle Lucky Shamrock review below:

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